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New research on cannabis for Alzheimer's

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Cannabis may be the source for Alzheimer’s cure. Already used for chronic pain, to mitigate the effects of chemo, and help with depression. Scientists believe they have found a potentially groundbreaking use for cannabis. THC, the active ingredient of cannabis, fights the progression of Alzheimer’s in two equally stunning ways. Alzheimer’s occurs when a substance known as amyloid plaque forms around the nerve cells in the brain.

As the plaque grows and spreads so does the Alzheimer’s. THC actively prohibits the growth of amyloid plaque, and has even been shown to reduce it. With 30 million people affected by Alzheimer’s, the potential of finding a cure is astounding.

New Research Results on Cannabis to Treat Alzheimer’s

Its long been known that the human brain produces a chemical similar to THC although it was always assumed to be part of the brain’s pleasure center and not much else. New research suggest it possibly has a second function as a last line of defence to protect the brain. As amyloid plaque grows and the Alzheimer’s progresses there is a swelling of the brain that occurs.

This swelling helps contribute to the dementia and loss of memory. While it is not known if the swelling of the brain promotes the growth of amyloid plaque or vice versa, it might not matter. This is because of the second way THC helps fight Alzheimer’s.

A recent study from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California has shown that THC helps reduce inflammation in the brain. Cooling the brain while killing the amyloid plaque is what keeps brain cells alive, thus preserving the cognitive ability of the patient.

Weather it’s the chicken or the egg that causes Alzheimer’s, THC handles both. This information along with further research could lead to one day eradicating Alzheimer’s all together.

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