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Marijuana Found to Be Effective In Treating Alzheimer’s

Treating Alzheimer's Disease with Marijuana, Is it effective?

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Published: 21st June 2017

Marijuana used to moderate the effects of chemo and treat depression is also believed to help cure Alzheimer’s. This is scientifically proven too. The active ingredient in marijuana, namely THC, prevents Alzheimer’s from progressing in two ways. A substance called amyloid plaque is the reason behind Alzheimer’s that forms around the nerve cells of the brain. When this substance spreads, Alzheimer’s too.

This is where THC comes into play and stops the growth of amyloid plaque and in fact is also believed to reduce it. The fact that nearly million people have developed Alzheimer’s, the potential cure sounds fantastic. It was discovered long ago that a chemical like THC is produced by the human brain, but it was believed to be nothing much other than part of the pleasure center of the brain.

Recent research puts forward that it can protect the brain by providing a second function of serving as a last line of defense. With the growth of amyloid plaque and the progression of Alzheimer’s, the brain swells. This swelling is responsible for the loss of memory and dementia. No one knows that if it is the swelling of the brain that encourages the growth of amyloid plaque or vice versa, but it doesn’t even matter. This is because of the help provided by THC to fight Alzheimer’s.

A study conducted in California by Salk Institute for Biological Studies concludes that THC reduces inflammation in the brain. What preserves the cognitive ability of the patient is keeping the brain cool while preventing the growth of the amyloid plaque.

THC handles all sorts of Alzheimer’s irrespective of the fact whether the egg or the chicken cause them. Further research accompanied by this information might help in entirely getting riding of Alzheimer’s.

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