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Holistic Alzheimer’s Video Series: Cannabis Oil and Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Oil and Medical Marijuana

By: BeingHerd

THC inhibits enzymes in the brain, preventing amyloid plaque from clumping together. This act of preventing plaque from clumping is the target goal of most commercial alzheimer’s drugs. It is well known in the medical field that decreasing these enzymes will help decrease the symptoms. Unfortunately many of these pharmaceutical drugs cause serious side effects, including but not limited to seizures. These drugs are in the same class of chemicals as many insecticides. Thankfully there are alternatives to these dangerous drugs, Cannabidiol (CBD) oils. There are studies showing that activating cannabinoid sector of the brain may trigger an antioxidant cleanse. This act functions as a natural way for the brain to remove damaged cells and improving the mitochondria efficiency of the brain. When combined with new information, previous studies can help shed new light on the field. Such as the studies that show cannabinoids increase the neurotrophic factor of the brain, protect brain cells, and promote new growth. It has also been shown that activating cannabinoid receptors can also reduce brain inflammation, a symptom of alzheimer’s. As we learn more we are developing a better picture showing the correlation between both the active components of THC and CBD and their benefits for the alzheimer brain.

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