Father Treats Daughters’ Childhood Alzheimer With Cannabis Oil

Girl with Childhood Alzheimer's uses Cannabis Oil

Image Credit: TEDx UniHalle on Flickr

By: Cannabis Saves Lives!

Talking at the TEDx University of Arizona lecture, Hugh Hempet talks about his daughter’s disease and how it is being treated. His twin daughters suffer from a rare disease commonly known as childhood Alzheimer’s disease. Their brains are essentially suffocating in cholesterol, this is because they lack a gene that helps to break down the cholesterol from their brain and in the brain. He was told the twins will just about see their 12th birthday, with a bit of luck.

He and his wife gave up their careers in the tech field to do research on their daughter’s disease. They found a compound called cyclodextrin to treat the disease. Each week the twins get an infusion, lasting eight hours. Every second week, the girls have to visit the hospital for lumbar puncture. These 2 different administration routes to help the girls maintain cognitive function. They were the 1st to get this treatment. While the treatment has helped tremendously, they still suffer from seizures.

They have tried numerous medications but were still suffering multiple seizures a day, After hearing about a parent treating his child’s seizures with Cannabidiol (CBD) oils and having good results. Mr. Hempet decided to give it a shot with his daughters. Almost immediately they began to see a significant reduction in the number of seizures.

Although cannabis has been legal in their state forever a decade, there were no CBD oils to buy. He and his wife set out to find their own. After receiving permission from the doctors, they began the process of extracting the CBD for their daughter. Three times a day the girls receive their treatment. Because of the CBD, the girls were able to lessen the number of pills and lower the dose while being bright-eyed and coherent. One of the major drawbacks of prescription medications is a zombie effect. Thanks to CBD oils his daughters are living a more productive and happy life.

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