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Cannabis May Be Able to Reverse Brain Aging

Reversing an aging brain with cannabis

Cannabis may be able to help combat the inevitable march of time according to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Researchers from the University of Bonn, together with colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, have discovered that cannabis has age-reversing effects in the brains of mice. This work could potentially help us develop new treatments for dementia.

Decrease In Cognitive Function

A common sign of aging is a gradual decrease in learning ability and cognitive function. This is why bad memory is usually associated with aging. A certain amount of memory loss is to be expected, however, more severe cases can be indicative of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The Hebrew University’s study showed that marijuana-based medicine can successfully reverse the aging in mice brains. Mice age incredibly fast so are particularly suited to this kind of study.

THC Enhances Cognitive Ability

The study showed that mice who received THC displayed over the course of a month displayed enhanced cognitive abilities for their age. This treatment indicates that THC may be able to help a brain stay younger for longer.

THC appears to be a particularly promising chemical as it imitates the effects of endocannabinoids found naturally within the body. These chemicals influence many essential factors in the human brain and body. When the activity of the endocannabinoid system begins to decline so does cognitive ability in humans.

This is yet another promising features of cannabis discovered in Israel, a country that is rapidly proving to be the world leader in cannabis research. More and more studies are being conducted on cannabis as a potential way to treat a wide range of ailments from PTSD, insomnia to chronic pain and inflammation.

Many of these studies are promising and are showing that the cannabis plant does have medical/therapeutic effects. However, more studies are needed on its side effects.

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