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Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Disease – Short Documentary

A documentary on Cannabis and Alzheimer's Disease

Image Credit: Thomas William on Unsplash

This is a video about a senior woman who has fallen victim to the Alzheimer’s disease. In the video, you can see her son talking to her trying to get her to remember things about her life. The woman has forgotten that he’s her son, as you can see when the son tries to make her remember, she becomes paranoid and anxious and says she wants to go home. She has no memory of her relationship with her son.

There are receptors in the brain that pass information such as memories from one place to another. Alzheimer’s disease makes the brain wither away slowly. These receptors start decaying; therefore, the patient slowly loses bits of memories. When people recollect memories, it is only because of these receptors that the communication between the brain and the mouth is established that the recollected memory comes out.

Each message transferred between the memory hub and speech centers passes through a very small space between cells. Alzheimer’s disease destroys this communication by clogging the small spaces. An important protein is changed by the disease. This then critically damages the thin wall in the cell that acts as the bridge for communication. Therefore, halting the communication indefinitely. Scientists call the dead cells neurofibrillary tangles. Alzheimer’s disease is made up of these two features.

Alzheimer’s remains untreated even today. But one leading substance to have helped gain some feats towards undermining the effects of the disease is cannabis. Studies have found that THC prevents L sinus blocks if plaque hasn’t formed or the formation can be slowed. Alzheimer’s is a serious disease that should be diagnosed as soon as possible so that chances of limiting it and saving the patient from further damage and lethal procedures or events are increased. It’s all about figuring out which type of symptoms.

A lot of research studies have shown cannabis’ CBD to be very effective in slowing things down and providing more time and control over the messy situation in somebody’s head. Cannabis has proven a lot more influential, but the bad news is that a lot of media propaganda has been targeted towards cannabis. People have been led to believe a lot of the researches aren’t either real or valid. Dementia patients were given THC and the report published was about Alzheimer’s disease being able to be cured by cannabis or not.

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