Can Cannabis Help Those With Alzheimer’s Disease?

Cannabis, potential to help Alzheimer's

Richard Fowler, the founder of the Fowler show, interviews Dr. Neel Nabar, an MD/ Ph.D. candidate and co-author of The Potential Therapeutic Effects of THC on Alzheimer’s Disease. Neel Nabar recently came up with a report based on the topic of the benefits that THC (one of the chemicals found in the marijuana/cannabis plant) and how it has shown beneficial results in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Neel Nabar had a clinical study that used cellular models of Alzheimer’s disease where they were able to show that by using really small, micro-doses of THC had an effect on reversing or halting Alzheimer’s pathology after it has already started. Neel Nadar states, “The study showed a promising compound, it did show something that had the potential to work and is something that should be researched further”.

Dr. Neel Nabar mentions the legalization of medical marijuana, and how it is already legalized in 23 states, including Washington DC. He mentions that medical cannabis is already been used in the treatment for chronic pain, cancer patients, nausea and vomiting, and autism, resulting in the fact that there is evidence that marijuana can actually be very beneficial in the medical industry.

Neel Nadar explains that smoking marijuana is one thing, but doesn’t believe that it would be beneficial to our health, and he believes that cannabis should be taken in a very control manner in optimal doses, but Neel believes that THC could end up becoming a drug that will treat Alzheimer’s disease when more clinical studies can provide evidence.

Dr. Nabar explains that after conducting the research on cellular models, he is now going into the study and research of animal models such as mice and rats, where they are working on a drug cocktail that includes THC and a number of other compounds that showed efficacy against Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Nabar states,

there’s a report recently published about three to four weeks ago, that showed that in mice, marijuana compounds, like THC or CBD might actually have some effect in reversing pathology and eventually the goal is to move into clinical type studies with patients.

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