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Can Cannabis Prevent Alzheimer’s

Can Cannabis Prevent Alzheimer's

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Video credit: Patients Out of Time

In this video, Dr.Gary Wenk from Ohio State University presents his own research on Alzheimer’s disease and the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis.

Dr. Gary Wenk, through research and through MRI scans has found that in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, there is significant inflammation of the brain and can tell 40 years before He states that:

“inflammation is due to the presence of mutations mutant proteins, head injury, if you’ve been hitting ahead a lot if you’re a boxer you’re more likely to develop dementia.”

Wenk also suggests that as we get older, inflammation naturally develops in the brain and there is no knowledge on how it can be prevented.

Dr. Gary Wenk’s View on Medical Cannabis

Dr. Gary Wenk stated that he had told his students at the University of Arizona,

“that if their patients were in a car accident and had a severe head injury, the first thing they should tell their patient to do is start smoking marijuana heavily for the next few weeks because it would protect the brain.”

Dr. Wenk carried out a study that involved old and young rats, which were to resemble old an young humans. Wenk said that “a puff a day” of cannabis was enough to get the benefits, so he scaled it down into a rat’s size, and gave the rat “one puff a day” and immediately saw the benefits. Dr. Wenk had said that in his 25 years of studying, he’s never come across a drug, with such a low dosage, have such positive effects on an older brain.

Wenk’s conclusion is that he is trying to find new ways to avoid the psychoactive stimulate effect at extremely low doses of those compounds, so people won’t be frightened to try CBD oil. While the studies on cannabis are promising, more studies are needed on the plant to answer so many unanswered questions.

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