Alzheimer’s vs Cannabis Oil

Alzheimer's vs Cannabis Oil

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Credit: Erika Harris

Lillian Willis’s husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was challenging to live with as he didn’t want to communicate or go outside and it was hard for Lillian to watch her husband deteriorate. He was given a few different medications given to him by doctors to improve his brain. He could be judgemental and aggressive towards Lillian, so she was desperate for help, researched Cannabis oil and found Erika, so she called her who was immediately willing to help.

Drugs Used to Treat Alzheimer’s Tha Lilian’s Husband Took

Before taking cannabis oil and coconut oil, Lillian’s husband was on two prescription drugs, and doctors, and other people who’ve had experience with Alzheimer’s recommends spices, like turmeric, or seaweed formulas.

Lillian has seen and met Erika. Erika believes

the unleashed cannabis plant is the single quickest way to do the greatest amount of good in the world, in our under-nourished bodies, in our indoctrinated minds, in our eroding, contaminated, demineralized soil. In our engorged, racist, privatized prisons in our dominant power structures, in you and in me.

Stopping The Use of Prescription Drugs to Use Cannabis As Treatment

After Erika introduced Cannabis oil to Lillian and her husband, he stopped his prescription drugs (he only had two) and only took cannabis oil and coconut oil for 3 and a half months they have seen massive improvements in Lillian’s husband, he’s a lot more social and active and he engages in conversation more. Lillian describes it as the difference between night and day.

Through this hard time, Lillian’s expresses that you shouldn’t always believe what you hear, everyone should wake up because people are suffering and dying, and breaking families apart. Lillian’s expresses that no one should have to live that way and that there is an alternative.

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