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People often mistakenly confuse Alzheimer’s disease with Dementia. In reality, it is more applicable to call Alzheimer’s a subtype of Dementia. Dementia is a list of symptoms, not a precise disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a particular disease; however, it can not be diagnosed with certainty until postmortem in an autopsy.

Current conventional treatments and types of care for these conditions have low rates of success.

Alzheimer’s is caused by two primary markers. The first is the production of amyloid beta protein which clusters between cell signal pathways. These amyloid plaques block communication between neurons. These blockades particularly affect cognitive function like speech, motor function, memory etc.

The second marker is Neurofibrillary Tangles (NFTs). These spiralling formations are made of tau protein and develop in the nuclei of otherwise healthy cells. Eventually, NFTs will cause the inflicted cells to die off. When brain cells die off, levels of mental alertness and cognition decrease.

Novel research shows medical cannabis may be promising in treating Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to how cannabinoids (chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plant), impact the formation of the primary markers of the disease. Studies suggest cannabinoids may prevent the development of amyloid plaques.

Through this, they may slow the loss of mental cognition and prevent neuron loss. Cannabinoids have neuroprotective properties and protect healthy brain cells. Cannabinoids do this through acting on our endocannabinoid system (ECS), an internal bodily system that regulates chemical, neural, and overall bodily homeostasis.

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