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How Cannabis Can Be a Great Way to Treat ADHD

Ways you can use cannabis to treat ADHD

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If you feel like you’ve been hearing a lot about adult ADHD lately, you’re not imagining things.

Diagnoses of adult ADHD have been steadily on the rise over the past few years.

While about 5% of children are diagnosed with ADHD, today, over 8 million adults are struggling with it as well.

If you struggle with organization, get easily distracted, and are often accused by others of not listening, then you may be one of them. Adult ADHD is sometimes even more frustrating than childhood ADHD, as it can impact your relationships, work life, and even overall mood.

So, how can you help manage the symptoms of adult ADHD?

More and more medical professionals say that cannabis will help to do the trick.

But how?

Read on to find out.

Defining Adult ADHD

Before we get into a deeper discussion about how cannabis can serve as a great management tool for those suffering from adult ADHD, let’s first make sure you’re clear on what exactly this disorder is.

Keep in mind that no one can diagnose you with adult ADHD except a professional. This section isn’t meant to serve as a diagnostic tool, but rather as a way to educate yourself about ADHD.

“ADHD” stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and you will only get it if you also suffered from ADHD as a child. It may be that you were never diagnosed as a child, or it may simply be that symptoms did not manifest themselves until later in your life.

In addition to the symptoms we mentioned in our introduction, you may also have trouble completing tasks on time, make a larger than average amount of errors at work, and even struggle with following directions.

In addition to these symptoms, you may deal with impulsiveness, hyperactive behaviors, anxiety, addiction, or even just an overall feeling of lack of motivation.

Usually, adult ADHD is treated with a combination of talk therapy and pharmaceutical stimulant drugs.

These can include amphetamines, familiar names like Adderall, and Dextroamphetamine.

Of course, as more information comes out about the dangerous side effects of Adderall (think paranoia, tremors, and even heart disease) more and more people are looking for alternative treatments.

This is where cannabis comes into play.

Cannabis And ADHD

As we mentioned in the above section, two of the main symptoms of adult ADHD are hyperactivity and impulse control.

For adults especially, these two symptoms can make it difficult to maintain both a professional and personal life.

But how does marijuana work as a treatment — and notice we said treatment, not cure — for ADHD?

Dopamine Levels And ADHD

If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, chances are that you have lower levels of dopamine than normal.

Dopamine is incredibly important, because it’s a natural chemical produced in the body that helps you to manage your overall mood and to stay motivated and focused throughout the day.

So, if you don’t have enough dopamine in your body, you’ll find it hard to concentrate, and may even experience anxiety and depression.

Luckily, cannabis could help.

Because of its high levels of THC, it can actually (safely and impermanently) rewire your brain, naturally correcting and boosting the levels of dopamine in your body.

In other words, the THC in cannabis acts very similarly to the more extreme medications we mentioned above. It does this by actually binding to dopamine already in your body, and preventing your body from destroying or breaking it down too quickly.

In addition to boosting your mood, this also helps to improve your focus. Those voices in your head that seem to be pulling you in tons of different directions?

The cannabinoids in cannabis can help to quiet them down, making it easier to concentrate.

Cannabis Helps You Sleep

If you suffer from adult ADHD, we’re willing to bet that, in addition to the symptoms we’ve already discussed in this post, you also sometimes have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Cannabis can help with that, too.

Of course, the “body high” offered by cannabis makes it much easier for your muscles to relax, and for your body to feel ready to fall asleep. (If this sounds like something you’re into, make sure that you choose a strain that’s based in Indica, not Sativa.)

So, how does it work?

Though scientists are still working on finalizing their research, the main theory relates to the terpene content in Cannabis.

Basically, think of terpene content as a kind of aromatherapy. The terpene levels in Indica strains contain compounds that help you to fall asleep quickly.

Cannabis has also been shown to shorten the length of your REM cycle.

This means that, if you suffer from nightmares that make it tough to get back to sleep, cannabis can be an enormous help to you.

It Counteracts Negative Side Effects

Of course, we understand that, depending on the severity of your adult ADHD, living a life without the help of pharmaceutical medications simply may not be an option.

However, many that take these medications deal with unpleasant day-to-day side effects (in addition to the long-term ones we’ve already mentioned above.)

These side effects can include grogginess/trouble focusing, vomiting, and even tremors and shakes in the body.

Cannabis can help you to manage these side effects so that they no longer interfere with your life. Always be upfront with your doctor about your use of marijuana when you’re taking pharmaceutical medication to avoid any complications you may not know about.

Marijuana may also be able to help you to lower the dosage of any pharmaceutical drug that you’re currently taking for your adult ADHD. Again, never try to go off of these medications on your own. Communicate with your doctor and any mental health professionals you’re also seeing to ensure that you do things the safe way.

The Best Types Of Strains For ADHD

Now that you know a little bit more about the evidence surrounding marijuana as an effective treatment for ADHD, let’s talk about the strains that will help you the most.

Cinex is a popular hybrid strain that has a THC content of between 14-22%. This particular strain helps to clear your head, meaning you’ll eliminate those racing thoughts that make it tough to focus on one thing at a time.

Additionally, if you find that your adult ADHD often makes you feel depressed or anxious, Cinex will likely be the correct strain for you.

If you’d prefer an Indica strain? (Remember, that’s the type of marijuana that helps you to get an amazing body high.)

Then we suggest going with a favorite of Snoop Dogg’s — Green Crack (don’t let the name fool you, there are no hard drugs mixed into this strain.)

This has a higher CBD content of between 2-3%, and it works hard to help boost your focus without producing a “marijuana hangover” after use. It also kickstarts your energy levels, which can be a huge help to those whose adult ADHD makes them feel lethargic.

A lesser-known symptom of adult ADHD?

Rapid, and sometimes fairly extreme, weight loss. While it might sound great at first, it can quickly become a serious problem. If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that will help to restore your appetite, then go with the hybrid Jupiter OG.

This is also a popular option for those ADHD sufferers who have decided to take pharmaceutical medication for the disorder, and need help combatting the side effects.

Looking To Learn More About Cannabis And ADHD?

Thanks to this post, you’ve been able to fully educate yourself about how marijuana can help you to manage the symptoms of your adult ADHD.

We understand that you’re likely ready to start looking for dispensaries in your area that carry the strains we’ve referenced in this article.

Looking for even more information and scientific studies about how marijuana can help to ease the symptoms of not only ADHD, but other mental and physical disorders?

We can help.

Spend some time on our website to browse through our database of articles and videos that will help you to understand why medical marijuana is more popular than ever.

If you have adult ADHD, you don’t have to suffer through your symptoms for the rest of your life. Instead, use cannabis and other forms of treatment to help you to feel like yourself again.

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