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What are Terpenes and Can They Help Treat ADHD

ADHD and Terpenes

Marijuana has come a long way over the years. Cannabis, THC, CBD, and terpenes are continually being researched. The many possibilities of how cannabis can benefit people are because of ever-growing formats of information, research, and the many different ways cannabis is being used, even in treating medical and mental health conditions. Innovation is the key word to understanding this ever-present change and influx of knowledge.

Terpenes are a result of this innovation. Terpenes and the many possibilities that unfold when understanding them and how they can make partaking of cannabis a beautiful and healing experience. Terpenes are such an influential factor in partaking of and understanding cannabis, that they are even creating individuality between the many different strains of Cannabis. Even so, that they have created distinctions that can be related to partaking of fine wines.

What are terpenes, and how can they be beneficial to anyone? Especially if we were to specify whom could possibly benefit from them. How would terpenes benefit someone with ADHD? Let’s get more specific so that we can have a better understanding of terpenes and their possible functions and existence.

Terpenes are defined as fragrant oils that give different plants their smell and taste. Blueberries receive their sweet taste, lavender its floral essence, and cannabis its citrus, pine, floral, or fruity flavors and smells from terpenes. Terpenes are excreted from the sticky resin glands of a flowering plant of cannabinoids, as well as CBD and THC. Terpenes have only started to be researched and understood in the past few years. Each plant is unique and distinctive due to the fact that terpenes are present. The knowledge of terpenes has created a desire for cannabis producers, growers, and vendors to create cannabis products that are better tasting and smelling, to create a more refined experience for those partaking of cannabis products. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of terpenes and why they are important.

Benefits of terpenes:

Limonene is an example of a form of terpene that has been researched which has many benefits. Limonene is the second most common carrier form of terpenes in cannabis. Known to taste citrusy, like a lemon/orange. Some of Limonenes benefits are a treatment for depression, anxiety, stress.

This is because Limonene enters the blood-brain barrier much faster creating more focus and helping with concentration. Limonene, like most other terpenes, has been known to dictate the effects of how marijuana influence the senses and even how messages are sent to the brain. Some of the effects that have been studied are:

Heartburn and Gastric Reflux

Anti-Fungal Properties

Mood elevation

Stress Reliever

Antibacterial Properties

Improves the function of mucous membranes

Each strain of cannabis contains different levels of terpenes, and the effects are different. To learn more about the different strains of cannabis that contain Limonene and what the benefits are, I suggest checking this article out if you want to know more of all of the different terpenes, here you can find a “flavor pie”, which is basically a table of the different types of terpenes in the many strains of cannabis)

How could someone with ADHD benefit from terpenes:

How do terpenes come into play with influencing people struggling with mental health conditions or Attention Deficit Disorders? Lets first understand that there are physiological irregularities with the brain of individuals with ADD/ADHD, for there is a shortage of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is involved with the cognitive processes of things like attention and memory. This condition is commonly treated with medications, such as Adderall and Ritalin.

These drugs stimulate dopamine while helping with concentration. But, they also come with variables that are unpleasant, such as side effects that could include withdrawal and possibly addiction/dependency. With a better understanding of the Cannabinoid system, and recognizing that the relationship between this system and the brain’s dopamine management system, could help with accepting the healing properties of the interactions that Cannabis and our brain could experience together.

If terpenes affect our thought processes and mood, then maybe terpenes could be the key to helping influence healthy dopamine management systems for the brain. Here you can read about specific research done through a trial of time released cannabis for patients that live with ADD/ADHD.

Cannabis research is being done, some physicians such as Dr. David Bearman, are doing such research and are finding that treatment of ADD/ADHD is possible with cannabis. Treatment is happening with ADD/ADHD patients who are using Cannabis. This is because cannabis increases the availability of dopamine, which is basically the same effect as Ritalin or Adderall, but much safer and uses different mechanisms of action.

This is because the cannabinoid system is safer for dopamine sufficiency, production, and metabolic breakdown. The evidence is only referred to as anecdotal right now, but as more researchers come forward, cannabinoid therapy could be the “mental health” wave of the future.

Please note, that if you are using cannabis to treat any health condition, communicate with your health care professional of your habits. Don’t stop taking your prescribed medications such as Adderall or Ritalin cold turkey and turn to cannabis. Always seek medical advice before making any changes in your prescription routine. To find out more, check out this article that discusses Dr. David Bearman and his work with Cannabis and treating ADD/ADHD.

So now, the key to knowing what cannabis is right for helping one concentrate whether or not they suffer from ADD/ADHD is the next step. After discussing the possibility of using cannabis for treatment, read this simple article to find what strain of cannabis is right for you. The possibilities are endless in what types and forms of cannabis to partake of for therapy.

Having the discussion with others about the medically healing properties of cannabis is one that is controversial and for those against marijuana can be hard of convincing. But with more research that is done independently or by scientists, the more understanding will happen, especially through healthy conversation and dialogue. So do the research, and talk with anyone you feel may benefit from this ever-growing research on cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

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