CBD Is Better for ADD and ADHD Than Ritalin

Use CBD instead of Ritalin for ADD and ADHD

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ADD/ADHD Diagnosis Epidemic

Diagnosis of ADD and ADHD are reaching to near epic proportions in this country and Cannabinoids/ CBD oils may offer a cure. These ailments have become so common they have even worked themselves into household terms. Members of the American Academy of Pediatrics are advocating for the use of CBD oils in the treatment of children with ADD and ADHD. Currently, the “go-to” treatment, is the medication Methylphenidate.

This is sold as the brand name Ritalin. A methylphenidate is a pharmaceutical form of speed an amphetamine that can cause a veritable list of other side effects. ADD and ADHD is a debilitating affliction causing anger, social anxiety, and developmental delays. With all the current research involving cannabis, completely new doors are being opened to ease this ailment.


One of these is CBD, which contains no psychoactive ingredients ensuring the user stay cognizant and receives no high. Dr. Jones is advocating the use of CBD oils in the treatment of ADD/ADHD because it is being shown to have a highly effective outcome and far fewer side effects than traditional medications. As always, it is recommended that the patient should be kept under watch from a medical professional. Dr. Jones believes it is time to bring this field out of the streets and into the lab, and doctors office, where it belongs.

People who take CBD oils can forgo the “high” and see many medical benefits. Some of these benefits are an increased ability to focus, pay attention, curb anger, control impulsiveness, as well as, experience peacefulness and relaxation. Most importantly, recipients often see an improvement in grades, understanding, and retention. Using CBD, these children can have the often overlooked gift of a “normal life”.

If you want to try CBD or any form of medical cannabis, make sure you speak with a medical professional.

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