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Cannabidiol (CBD) for Relief of ADD/ADHD Symptoms

Cannabidiol CBD for ADD ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD—previously ‘ADD’) has proven to be a huge problem. According to a research, every 3-5% of the general American population is affected by it. ADHD/ADD diagnoses are now being further grouped into two subsets: 1) ADHD-inattentive; and 2) ADHD-hyperactive/impulsive.

Bigotry towards cannabis can lead people to think it would be the last thing to help you focus. Even ADHD/ADD patients have reported that the use of cannabis oil did help them overcome their problems a lot. The two principal active compounds of cannabis are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Tetrahydrocannabinol happens to be quite famous for getting people high. But even excluding that, the cannabidiol happens to be very effective at medically treating diseases.

ADHD Medications

The medications for ADHD they are giving out these days have major drawbacks. Various common prescriptions to treat ADHD happen to be Adderall or Vyvanse which a powerful stimulant well-known to quickly lead to dependence and which can be easy to abuse. After that, they mostly recommend Methylphenidate (Ritalin), which is also a powerful stimulant. It has similar effects to the amphetamines and suffers from most of the same drawbacks.

Evidence supports the fact that CBD can help ADHD symptoms, in if not all, then at least some people with the disorder, especially those in the hyperactive/impulsive group. Patients taking stimulant medications for their disease, CBD oil can help lessen the side-effects that come with these medications. ADHD medicine can cause appetite loss but it has been well documented that cannabis can improve your appetite (munchies). Other common side effects such as muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia can be seen throughout the patients. Cannabis has proven to be very efficient in treating these symptoms and effects.

Has CBD Worked?

A lot of hyperactive patients were given cannabis according to an anecdotal report. It showed that the patients became much calmer and less active without the use of sedating drugs. A 2017 clinical trial on potential benefits of cannabis for ADHD theorizes a potential mechanism in the brain of how CBD oil (and cannabis) generally may be beneficial for ADHD: “One possibility is that cannabinoids enhance dopaminergic transmission, which is thought to be the main mechanism by which stimulants decrease ADHD symptoms and improve cognitive performance,” but notes that “other mechanisms could be involved.”

The 2017 study made scientists work, and they found history to be repeating itself when the previous anecdotal evidence was being found true: “For ADHD symptoms, in the active group, nominally significant improvements were found for hyperactivity/impulsivity and trends towards improvements were found for inattention and emotional lability.” And as expected, the patients in the study who were given cannabis exhibited no symptoms or side effects that were normally the behavioral problem.

CBD Side Effects

The only negative feedback reported were “sedative effects (in 3 cases) and slowing of thought (in 3 cases).” Scientists involved in the examinations reported that the feedback on cannabis was much more positive since even the ones giving the negative feedback reported having at least calmer senses and more focus.

Although more research work should and will be done, the 2017 study stated, “It is very feasible that [cannabis] specifically targets neural mechanisms that underpin hyperactivity/impulsivity and inattention in ADHD,” targeting ADHD patients making them feel better.

This study supports numerous reports among at least some who have ADHD that their symptoms, whether from their ADHD or as an adjunct to their stimulant medications. According to one anecdotal report from a young woman identified as Jane, “Eight years old and diagnosed with ADHD, developed the pill addiction, as they say. Took all the pills they told me to. … I’d started smoking cannabis because someone said it helped a long time later, a few puffs of CBD throughout a day. My class performances improved, even though my ADHD drug doses were going down. Now I feel a lot better honestly.”

To all the Americans affected by ADHD, CBD or adding CBD oil to your medications can prove very beneficial in providing a comfortable life. Of course, this isn’t medical advice and any decision to use CBD to treat ADHD should be made with consultation from your doctor.

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