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Can Marijuana Help People with ADHD?

Marijuana Helps People with ADHD

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Published: 18th January 2016

Cannabidoil or (CBD) can help treat both ADD and ADHD that are brain disorders. People who have ADHD or ADD witness distraction, trouble in focusing, and problems related to impulse control, etc. It is mostly diagnosed during childhood and might grow into adulthood.

However, the majority of the adults suffering from ADHD or ADD are never diagnosed. It is put forward by the experts that nearly 4% of the US population has some form of ADHD or ADD. This is more than 4.8 million public. Majority of who do not even realize they have it. The current treatment is also believed to be of not much use. In fact, it might lead to more issues.

Medications Available Today to Treat ADHD/ADD

The most commonly used medication for treating ADHD/ADD includes various forms of amphetamine that could prove to be harmful. ISI psychotherapy is another treatment that seems to be notorious in its field and has even poor success rates. Many studies are made available to demonstrate the usefulness of CBDs in helping people.

One of the studies included adults who have ADD/ADHD who were also using cannabis. The ones using cannabis were seen to have improved concentration and better impulse control. A different study took into account 30 individuals who did not use cannabis.

Medical Cannabis for Treating ADHD/ADD

There were believed to get no help from standard treatments and confirmed resistance to the medication. These participants were then given CBD oils and supervised. These participants did not feel a high from the CBD because it does not contain the psychoactive ingredient, THC, present in cannabis.

However, all 30 of them were to experience an improvement in sleep, impulse, and concentration. With more and more studies being conducted on CBD, it has become very evident that it has a positive potential to cure ADHD and ADD.

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