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Treating Addiction with Medical Cannabis – What Do the Doctors Think?

Doctors giving their option on using medical cannabis to treat addiction

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By: The Doctors

“The Doctors” is an American talk show. It focuses on health and medical issues. It was an off shot program from Dr. Phil. The show consists of a team of medical professionals and sometimes celebrity guests discussing health. They discuss the range of medical and health topics and answer viewers’ questions who may be too embarrassed to ask their own physician. The show is hosted by emergency room physician and former participant on The Bachelor Travis Stork. He used to do segments on Dr. Phil’s show.

One rehab center is using a novel alternative treatment for addiction. This has led to the facility making national headlines. High Society is the first rehab center to treat addiction with medical marijuana. They say they have a “unique approach.”

Discussion on Cannabis and Addiction

The Doctors are joined, in the video clip, by Joe Schrank, Founder & Program Director at The High Sobriety Rehab Center and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow. The expert guests have opposing stances on the topic.

High Sobriety, a recovery treatment center in Los Angeles, offers patients daily doses of medicinal cannabis as a means of weaning them off opioids. That’s where the often controversial use of cannabis can help, he added. The Doctors have brought him on their show because they are interested in the work the clinic is doing having seen the tragedy of addiction first hand and believe High Sobriety may be on to something.

Dr. Mike Dow, however, protests and says there is not enough research to support the treatment. Dr. Dow isn’t wrong. Research has been minimal. Very few clinical trials are available, but for the patients of High Sobriety, their experience is all the testament they need.

If you wish to use medical cannabis or CBD oil (cannabidiol) as a form of treatment make sure that you first seek medical advice from your doctor or a medical professional.

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