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Addiction, Alcoholism and Freedom Through Cannabis

Addiction, Alcoholism and Freedom Through Cannabis

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We as a society live through addiction, it’s something that is all around us. One of the more prevalent addictions id alcoholism, and sometimes it is a socially acceptable condition. Many people have experience with alcoholism, either personally or a loved one. Alcohol is all around us and is used for any reason. When someone’s ability to control their drinking is lowered it can become a big problem.

What is Alcoholism and The Damage That It Can Do

Alcoholism is one of the more dangerous addictions because of the acceptability of drinking alcohol. Alcoholism can can damage to the liver, brain, and overall health. With prolonged drinking you can develop what’s called sclerosis of the liver. This is caused when the liver is unable to filter the blood properly because of the alcohol and fatty tissue begins to form around the liver.

Eventually fatty tissue around the liver resulting in scar tissue forming. As more scar tissue forms the liver becomes unable to function correctly. Eventually the liver will fail, which can cause death. Cannabis can help the liver heal and allow it to function more efficiently. Cannabis can also help heal the liver once the person has stopped drinking.

Cannabis can help people who are unable to control their consumption of alcohol when they decide to quit. At this time an alcoholic will go through withdrawal which can be deadly. Withdrawal is very painful and hard to go through. Cannabis can help with the physical discomfort and pain, allowing the person to endure it. Cannabis also has been shown to help with Dopamine, which is depleted because of alcoholism.

Alcoholics also commonly suffer from malnutrition and find it difficult to eat after they stop. Cannabis is excellent at helping people get the appetite back, and hold the food down.

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