Study Says CBD Cannabis Oil Could Help to Quit Smoking

How cannabis oil can help you to stop smoking

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Since CBD cannabis oil, or cannabidiol as it is officially called, came to the market it has caused quite a stir. It seems that there is no limit to what this oil can do for your health and wellness, according to many. However, as is always the case with health trends, this claims aren’t 100% true all of the time.

The claims that CBD could help smokers to kick their habit could be an exception though, according to a new study. For some time now people have wondered whether CBD vapes could be the answer to the problem faced by the millions of people who try to quit smoking every year, but fail.

But what is CBD? Cannabidiol is one of the 100+ chemicals found in the cannabis sativa plant. The chemical is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant (a member of the cannabis family) and then processed using complex scientific methods.

CBD isn’t the chemical which causes the euphoria or “high” that’s so commonly associated with cannabis though. In truth, CBD doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. This is great news for smokers who are considering vaping as it means it wont interfere with their ability to drive, work, look after their kids etc.

The Research on CBD for Smoking

Scientists at University College London have conducted a study which investigated whether or not CBD could be effective for those people who are trying to overcome a nicotine addiction. The results of the study have surprised and impressed people.

The study involved a total of twenty four participants. Twelve of these were given CBD to inhale for a seven day period, while the other twelve were given a placebo for the same length of time. The results showed that those who inhaled CBD found that they craved cigarettes significantly less overall.

Critics of the study argue that by inhaling the CBD, the smokers are still causing damage to the lungs and throat. Although many people see vaping as a miracle alternative to smoking, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that while it causes less damage than cigarettes, it does cause damage.

Unfortunately this study wasn’t of a very high standard and its unique in this sense. Because CBD is a constituent of cannabis, studying it is as difficult as studying heroin which is restricted to the same degree.

Researchers need to conduct studies that involve a higher number of participants and that last for longer periods of time. Until these studies can be conducted, it really isn’t reasonable to draw any hard and fast conclusions.

In the meantime, CBD cannabis oil sales are sky rocketing in states where cannabis is now legal and it is believed that a large proportion of these sales are for the purpose of vaping and cigarette substitution. Let’s hope that scientists can conduct the research needed sooner rather than later to help us understand whether or not cigarettes really can be replaced with CBD cannabis oil.

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