Role for Cannabis in Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

The roles cannabis can facilitate in helping with opioid addiction

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Would you have considered the use of medicinal cannabis to treat an opioid addiction? What may have seemed an addiction in itself, is now being used to help treat addicts in rehabilitation centers.

Recovery Centres and The Opposing

A recovery treatment center in Los Angeles called ‘High Sobriety’ promises their patients to support with the help of medicinal cannabis to help wean them off of opioids. This is where the use of cannabis can be beneficial. Joe Shrank, the centre’s program director, has said that the withdrawal phase of quitting can often be so harsh that many people avoid quitting altogether.

However, the defense would argue that this practice could potentially be swapping one addiction for the other since there has not been enough research conducted on the subject. As it stands, there are 29 states that have passed laws which allow medicinal cannabis to help medical conditions and yet the FDA has not approved it for medical use.

Medical cannabis is mostly used to administer nausea in cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy. Currently, there are no states that have authorized the use of cannabis to treat an opioid addiction. Maryland and New Mexico put through a proposal for such but were rejected because of the fact that there is still not much evidence behind it. It is difficult to be prescribed with medical cannabis or to do detailed research on the plant itself due to tight regulatory frameworks. Since cannabis is a Schedule I drug administered under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, it has since been deemed addictive and subject to abuse with no medical purpose.

Dr. Matthew Roman, the founder of Nature’s Way Medicine which is a primary-care clinic in Delaware, started to use cannabis as a form of treatment in 2015. Schrank states that he encourages his clients to use medical cannabis in vapor or edible forms rather than smoking cannabis as this can help manage and control dosing better.

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