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Medical Cannabis Used to Treat Opioid Addicts

Medical Cannabis Used to Treat Opioid Addicts

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A Recent study finds that Phoenix ranks in the top 10 for opioid distribution and a lot of people are now turning to maybe natural remedies to get some help. Including medicinal cannabis. Ryan is at blue door therapeutics in Scottsdale to explain how this is working for some good morning yeah hey guys good morning a great team here at blue door therapeutics and we’re talking about opioid addictions folks.

Struggling With Addiction – Talk About Cannabis

People struggle with addiction, and have been taking pills for a very long time due to their disorder. Due to this, they need help getting off of them because they are so addictive. Dr. Gina is the CEO at Blue Door was talking about acupuncture in the last hour and how that’s helping people who are addicted to opioids.

In the video, she talks about cannabis and admits that recently it’s something that they use in blue door pretty regularly we do we found cannabis has been really effective for patients who are trying to get through acute and chronic withdrawal when they’re stopping opioid use and how does it help I mean specifically and I know.

It’s different from patient to patient but how is it helping them well THC that’s found in the cannabis plant is an effective opioid substitute without using the opioid receptor. So it’s kind of a frontage road to the opioid freeway if you will.

Helping with replacing the neurotransmitters so that patients don’t go through the withdrawal or the sickness that they get when they stop using opioids the anxiety feeling like their bodies turning inside out nausea vomiting insomnia etc it helps with those symptoms to get patients through acute withdrawal and then another component of the plant called CBD or cannabidiol helps with a chronic withdrawal.

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