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Lawmakers Hear Testimony on CBD Access Issues

Lawmakers Hear Testimony on CBD Access Issues

Medical Cannabis

A treatment recovery facility in Los Angeles, known as High Sobriety gives patients medicinal cannabis regularly to help them get rid of opioids. This is rather known as the controversial use of cannabis. Moreover, medical cannabis is believed to be helpful for things as different as detox, insomnia, flu-type symptoms or bone pain.

Those against the use of cannabis see its use as moving from one addiction to another. They also question its effectiveness against opioid addiction since not much research has been done on it. Only recently 29 states have permitted the use of cannabis to help cure different medical conditions. However, still the use of CBD for medical purposes has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the federal government continues to describe it as an illegal drug.

The most common use of Cannabis is to help with sickness and nausea in people with cancer going through chemotherapy. No state in the US has allowed cannabis to be used as an alternative treatment for opioid addiction to get rid of the opioid addiction. Proposals put forward in New Mexico, and Maryland were rejected since available evidence failed to prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

Medical Cannabis Illegal?

Strict legislation has made it extremely difficult to recommend cannabis for medical uses or even to perform research on it. Soon after cannabis was categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, concerns arose regarding the abuse of the drug and hence, it was declared as having no medical use.

The fact that many people see marijuana as having a number of benefits is because not enough research has been done to help us come up with a conclusion. Hurd observed the effects of a compound in cannabis known as cannabidiol, that can help get rid of the symptoms resulting from the withdrawal of heroin, at the same time trying to slow down the need to get high.

Doctors Recommending Medical Cannabis

The founder (Dr. Matthew Roman) of Nature’s Way Medicine, a primary-care clinic in Delaware, started using cannabis for medical purposes in 2015 and stated that they and fellow researchers are depending on the anecdotal information provided by people taking the drug, to get insights.

Doctors and medical professionals suggest that people should not take cannabis by smoking it, but should rather vape or use an edible form so that the dosage can be monitored better.

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