Can CBD Help to Quit Smoking Marijuana?

CBD used to stop smoking marijuana

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As we know from multiple messages through the media, books, doctors and scientists, smoking in general is not good for our well being. It brings with it many small to large complications including; loss of breath, issues with heart and blood pressure, fertility problems and of course can be a cause of cancer. Although many would argue that smoking marijuana has its benefits, the truth is, the toxins that are released into the lungs and blood stream, would prove differently.

Marijuana smoking can also be coupled with smoking tobacco. Smokers can choose to mix their marijuana with tobacco which garners many health risks. Marijuana addicts may also be addicted to nicotine in this particular case. Even if the smoker does not choose to include tobacco, an abuse of marijuana itself can lead to psychosis.

Marijuana Smoking Can Lead to Complications

Smoking marijuana can lead to a serious dependency and even turn into an addiction. It is the leading cause of how a person can become addicted to cannabis. Many have speculated as to whether or not marijuana can equate to becoming an addictive substance, and over the past few years, research has found that it most definitely can.

There is a difference between marijuana abuse and being addicted. Firstly, marijuana abuse brings along with it the usual temporary symptoms such as; mood swings, increased appetite, task solving difficulties, irregular sleeping patterns, issues with memory, increased heart rate, increased sensations/awareness, and deduction of energy levels.

The above mentioned symptoms are not entirely troublesome, however, once substance abuse continues in the long-term and becomes an addiction, smoking marijuana can cause physical side effects which also include:

  • Heart issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Paranoia
  • Insomnia
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression

It can be extremely difficult to quit smoking marijuana, as it becomes almost like a ritual. People can find comfort in the therapeutics. It is worth noting that abuse or addiction to smoking it is especially found within the cases of recreational use, as opposed to who use it to help with an illness or disease. Many of those that felt that they were addicted to smoking marijuana and have tried to quit, reported that they went through withdrawal symptoms and felt more irritable than usual.

How Could CBD Help To Stop Smoking Marijuana?

CBD (cannabidiol) can be found in many different forms such as oil, edibles, creams and topical infused lotions. This means that for those that have trouble with smoking, there are many alternatives. There have been reports from those who smoke marijuana that have tried vaping CBD oil or placing a drop of the oil underneath their tongue. Because smoking can smell and cause unwanted attention, people are now opting for a needed solution. Therefore, with these safe alternatives, it is possible to quit smoking and still achieve the desired benefits that cannabidiol can harness.

Giving CBD oil to those that feel they are addicted to smoking marijuana, can give huge relief. In fact, those that have swapped in the smoking habit for CBD products, have even managed to wean themselves off of it entirely. Smoking is one of the most addictive things to do around the world, so having an organic and somewhat natural alternative could be perceived as treatment to kicking it in. With the use of CBD products instead of smoking, you can save your overall health and reduce the possibilities of cancers, tumours and lung complications.

It is always crucial to discuss the affects of CBD with your doctor. Since research is still being produced, we cannot say for sure what the outcome or future could be for this chosen alternative.

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