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Can Medical Marijuana Help Addicts Transition off Heroin and Opioids?

Medical Marijuana Help Addicts Transition off Heroin and Opioids

By: LOCAL 12

He just pulled his teeth out he just want to tear my skin he just want to turn myself out it had so much anxiety like oh man so he knew what he was doing is is now he coming down from the opiates is my body’s like no come on man he need some more that a some of that off the cotton so all I’ve been doing is I’ve made me up some more toast smoke some more weed he have the CBD oil my wife rubbed all over my back for me he have a white willow extract that’s actually an ant and a tincture farm that he made like willows not a bad product that’s why he at from melon man I’ll tell you man it it’s a tear it’s been a freaking roller coaster through hell so he know what’s going to have some some withdrawals but man he didn’t who he think is going to be like this so today it’s already out that’s about 2 o’clock in the afternoon yeah still he just our body so saying hey man go grab one of those auctions you know Justin just cut in half take half just take half of it come on come on but um no he just gonna gonna stick it out so and heart goes out to the people that have been going through this and haven’t been in chronic pain for much longer than he have that he trying to get off this stuff and he understand now that it’s a this shit’s a fucking bear so let you know that he going to do it he doing well that um but he am having some withdrawals and he treating it with my old remedies he not gonna he not gonna go back amazing cabin noise so you all take care of peace

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