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Can Medical Marijuana Be Used in the Detox of THC

Medical Marijuana Used in the Detox of THC

Medical marijuana has become one of the most topical areas of homoeopathic medicine today. As a result, there’s a lot of hype about it and its potential, particularly on the internet. As always, where there is hype there is misinformation. Unfortunately, this case is no exception. You are sure to find countless articles online telling you just how quickly medical marijuana can cure your disease, condition, or illness. However, very few of these claims are backed by any hard scientific evidence. There is certainly hope though.

The illegal status of cannabis has meant that thorough scientific study of the plant and any medicinal properties is may have has been almost impossible. The few studies which have taken place aren’t of a high enough scientific standard to be of any real benefit to those looking for hard and fast answers. If you wondering whether or not medical marijuana can be used as a treatment for cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, or Alzheimer’s disease, I’m afraid that nothing on the internet can give you a straight answer. Furthermore, if you do find an article or post that tries to convince you otherwise, you should be extremely wary of the credibility of that source.

The truth is, we simply don’t know enough about medical marijuana to make sensationalist claims as to what it can or cannot do. This being said, we can break down exactly what we do know about medical marijuana, and certainly suggest the ways in which it looks likely to affect the body. What you do with those suggestions is, of course, up to you.

In terms of medical marijuana’s ability to be used in the detox of THC, let’s discuss what we know. First of all, THC is one of over 100+ cannabinoids that are found in medical marijuana and cannabis in general. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds which are found naturally in the human body. These compounds interact with receptors which are scattered around our bodies. The receptors make up what is known as the endocannabinoid system This system is strongly linked to the immune system.

Although it was only discovered relatively recently and is still fairly mysterious, scientists believe the endocannabinoid system is particularly influential on our moods, the way we feel pain, and our skin health. The receptors influence the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. But how does all of this affect THC?

The remnants of THC, known as THC metabolites, are stored in the body once it has been processed for a certain period of time. In the blood, it will only remain for up to a week, whereas in urine it can last for months. This is why urine tests are more common than blood tests when it comes to the drug screens. THC will show up in a urine sample for much longer. Therefore, anyone wishing to pass a drug test would need quite a lot of notice in order to complete a THC cleanse. Testing positive for THC can have all sorts of ramifications for folks, so knowing how to detoxify the body can be important.

Obviously, a natural detox is the best course of action. However, if you’ve been given short notice of a text, this might not be possible. Here are some ideas for detoxing fast:

  1. Many people use synthetic urine in order to cheat a urine test, but if this involves breaking the law we strongly advise against it.
  2. Some people try an excessive exercise in order to burn fat as THC can also be stored in body fat.
  3. There are a wide range of detox teas on the market today, some of which have been proven to be quite successful.
  4. Eating extreme amounts of leafy greens can bring about a natural body detox.
  5. Drinking large amounts of water could speed the natural detox process up a little too, although drinking too much water can cause other problems in the body.
  6. Drinking a lot of water containing freshly squeezed lemon juice is also thought to be cleansing.
  7. There are a growing range of THC detox kits available today, some of which may help.

While these methods may be popular, none are surefire ways to detox in a rush. In addition to the claims which have been thrown around the internet that each of these methods is a fail-safe option, some people are claiming that medical marijuana can be used in the detox of THC. However, there is absolutely no evidence of this whatsoever.

It’s true that not all medical marijuana contains THC, but a large amount does. So first off, we can assume that using medical marijuana which contains THC to detox from THC probably isn’t going to be very effective.

Second of all, there just isn’t any reason to think that CBD, the other primary cannabinoid contained in medical marijuana, would help the body to detox. CBD has been studied more than THC as it is believed to contain more medicinal properties and it is known to not cause the psychoactive effects that THC does. This means that CBD does not cause a ‘high’. While there are definitely clear differences between the two cannabinoids, the suggestion that one cancels out the other isn’t based on hard facts.

Unfortunately, the hard facts of the matter remain; if you need to undergo a THC detox, abstaining really is your only guarantee. By all means, try the marijuana detox kits, or give some of the natural methods a go. They certainly can’t do any harm. As long as you understand the fact that you can’t be 100% sure of the result, why not give it a try? But will medical marijuana speed along the detox process? We wouldn’t bet on it.

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