10 Amazing Tips to Quit Smoking You Need to Know

10 useful tips to help quit smoking

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Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. You need to know these quit smoking tips to help you kick the habit for good. Read on to learn more.

Is there an easy way to quit smoking? Unfortunately not. But with perseverance, you’ll get there in the end. You’ll need some quit smoking tips and tricks to kick tobacco for good.
The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive, which is what causes your cravings as a smoker.

It’s also what will drive you mad when you’re trying to quit. Battling the urges can be hard, and many smokers relapse. In fact, the percentage of people who kick the habit only to start back up again is between 40 and 60 percent.

If you’re looking for a fast to quit smoking, well, we can’t promise you that. But maybe we can at least make the path a little easier for you.
These 10 tips will help you to be entirely smoke-free as soon as possible.

1. Think Happy Thoughts

One of the key quit smoking tips is to think positively about all the great changes giving up will make in your life.

Quitters often have negative thoughts, as they know it’ll be hard to give up and they worry about relapsing.

Instead, try thinking about the benefits you’ll enjoy once you’ve quit. Healthier lungs mean a more active life. Non-smokers will be keener to talk to you when you don’t smell like old cigarettes.

You’ll enjoy a far healthier bank balance too. The average pack of cigarettes in the USA varies greatly state to state, but you could easily pay more than $6 or $7 per pack. Or nearly $14 in New York State! Smoking is not a cheap habit.

2. Kick the Habit

It’s a cliche, as many lists of quit smoking tips talk about it, but the phrase kicking the habit actually makes a lot of sense.

Smokers have times of the day that they’ll fit their cigarettes into. That might be after lunch or dinner, with a morning coffee or while having a beer during the evening.

In this way, you fall into a literal habit. You associate the activity of eating or drinking with smoking, and your brain bonds the two together.

You need to identify the times you smoke. Let’s say that’s after dinner. You need to make yourself busy during that time so that you can’t smoke.

Go out of your way to take the kids to the park, do some exercise, or clean the house. It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s about distracting yourself from the cravings, which will pass in time.

3. Try E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes can help heavy and light smokers reduce the urge to smoke.

They use a substance called an e-liquid or e-juice, which can come in many different flavors. They also contain nicotine and are available in different strengths.
Heavy smokers might wean themselves off cigarettes with a concentrated e-juice first – perhaps 24mg. That’d be for a very heavy smoker, as it’s the equivalent of a couple of packs a day of nicotine intake.

They’d then move slowly down to the point they’re using a 6mg or 3mg juice, which are the among the weakest you can get. Finally, you can break free entirely with a 0mg e-liquid.

While many quit smoking tips list recommend e-cigarettes, not many focus on the downside. E-cigs prolong your addiction. You’re still craving nicotine and still feeding that urge with a nicotine product. Plus, vaping has its own health risks and you’ll eventually need to give that up too.

So perhaps it’s not going to work for everyone, as you hit another dead end. But it can help some people work towards their goal.

4. Don’t Smoke

This probably sounds pretty dumb. This whole article is about quit smoking tips, and we’re telling you not to smoke. Duh.

What we mean is that after quitting, it’s likely you still have friends who smoke. Perhaps you’ll find yourself outside a bar, in a relaxed social situation, and someone offers you a cigarette.

You will be tempted. No worries.

But if you take that one cigarette or even a drag, you’re putting yourself right back into the hole. Your nicotine cravings will ramp right back up. One becomes two or three, and before you know it, you’ll wake up having smoked half a pack.
don’t make life harder for yourself by caving to the craving.

5. Sunflower Seeds

Keeping your mouth busy means that you can’t smoke at all.

Sunflower seeds are cheap and easy to get hold of. They’re high in fat, so ideally you won’t munch them the entire day.

However, a handful of sunflower seeds when you’re getting cravings can help to keep you busy.

They also act as a reward during your day – like your cigarettes used to – which this means you’re still having something nice during your break.

6. Go Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey might be the most effective way to beat smoking. No cigarettes, at all. You stop one day, and never start again.

While this might have a high success rate in terms of keeping people off cigarettes for longer, compared to people who gradually reduce their use, it’s not an easy thing to cope with. It’s the most brutal of our quit smoking tips, in terms of the (initial) effects on your mood.

You should at least give it a go though. It’s harder to whittle down on your cigarette use over time. If you smoked 10 every day, and you cut to 5, you start to cherish those smoke breaks all the more.

When you go down to 1 a day, it feels like an even more valuable “treat.” So when you quit, you miss it even more than you would have after simply stopping.

7. Cannabis Use

Take up smoking cannabis to give up smoking tobacco. Sounds crazy, right? But it could be an effective quit smoking tips.

Research shows that the active ingredient in cannabis, Cannabidiol, can help to reduce the number of cigarettes a person smokes by around 40%.

If you smoke a mix of cannabis and tobacco, that’s probably not the best choice you can make. You’ll still get your nicotine fix, so again, you’re prolonging the addiction.

Cannabis use can also help you relax like a cigarette would. Unlike tobacco, it can actually help to reduce blood pressure. It may not be appropriate to smoke it at work, but it definitely works at the end of the day!

8. Get Support

Your friends and family are your best cheerleaders when you’re trying to give up cigarettes. Their support is invaluable.

They want you to live a healthier life, and talking to them about your attempts to give up smoking can provide excellent emotional support. If they’re ex-smokers, they can also share quit smoking tips that worked for them.

Finding new non-smoking friends is another option. Friends who are smokers may, with the best of intentions, try to help you quit. But then you see them spark up. Would one drag really hurt?

It’s really hard to break away from smoking while hanging out with smokers. That doesn’t mean you have to forget about them, but seeing them less while you’re busy quitting will make life easier.

There are also groups like Nicotine Anonymous, where you can meet fellow quitters and support each other as a group through the tough time. There’s no judgment in a group like this, just strength in numbers.

9. Get More Exercise

Smokers often find themselves puffing and panting on a short walk, never mind a 100 yard sprint. Time to put that right.

Keep yourself too out of breath to even think about cigarettes with a new workout regime.

Enjoy the fact that you’re feeling better and better each time you work out due to a lack of cigarettes in your life. Use gym progress as motivation to keep away. You might even decide to use a personal trainer who can provide more quit smoking tips as you work out.

Exercise also helps your blood, alongside a number of other health benefits for your lungs and cardiovascular system (including your heart and arteries).

Joining a sports team can also be really helpful. Most sportspeople do not smoke as they understand it’ll ruin their performance.

When you’re part of a team like this, the pressure to do well and impress your teammates helps you to beat down on the cravings. Why put your sports performance at risk for 5 minutes of smoking?

Quit Smoking Tips For a Smoke-Free Life

As we said at the start, there’s no shortcut to living a smoke-free life or one simple and easy solution among all our quit smoking tips.

You have to work at it. But there are many useful tools you can use to help you get there.

We wish you the very best of luck in giving up!

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