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Humans are creatures of habit, which is why it’s common for us to become addicted to pretty much almost anything. Habits, however, are not to be mistaken for addiction. Addiction is often linked to mental health problems. Action on Addiction, a UK based charity state that 1 in 3 people are addicted to something.

Addiction is the word given to someone who has little, to no control over something. This can be a serious issue, especially when the addiction becomes harmful to you. The most well-known and common addictions are nicotine (there are 50 million people in America who are addicted to tobacco products), alcohol (the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism state that 1 in 12 American adults is an alcohol abuser or alcoholic) drugs (7 million Americans in 2014 battled a drug use disorder) and gambling (10 million people) have a gambling addiction). Other addictions are shopping, technology, working, eating, searching the web (internet) and many more.

Many people have experienced some form of addiction, and treating addiction can be a long and grueling process, but it can be done with motivation, dedication and support. At cannabisMD, we aim to provide you with all of the motivation, dedication, support and information that you need to overcome your addiction.

At cannabisMD, our goal is to provide you with the best information that can potentially help in regards to overcoming addiction. We aim to distribute information on alternative and natural treatments such as cannabis to help fight addiction.

Cannabis is known in the medical world for it’s natural healing and medical values. Studies are suggesting that cannabis can treat addictions such as alcohol addiction, opiate addiction and more. These articles below discuss in depth on cannabis as a possible treatment for addiction.