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The state of complete physical, mental and social well-being is what we call health. Health information is everywhere, yet the question still remains, “what is good health?” Good health is at the center of living an active and long life. It is an important aspect of everyday life, because a healthy life can reduce stress.

Without practicing good health, the mortality and global health statistics are only going to keep rising. Chronic diseases are rapidly increasing all over the world. WHO (The World Health Organization) states that diabetes caused 1.6 million (2.8%) deaths in 2015. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, which caused 1,091.3 deaths in 2016. This number is has been on a rapid increase since the 1940’s.

According to The National Institutes of Health, people have used cannabis  to treat ailments for thousands of years. Ancient China had used the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes as far back as 10,000BC. The cannabis plant has worked miracles in the medical world in recent years, from curing cancer, to preventing epileptic seizures to halting tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease.

At cannabisMD, our goal is to provide you with the best information that can potentially help improve your physical and mental health. With the hussle and bussle of the everyday, it can be challenging to access the information you need. cannabisMD and our team have taken this into consideration, and aim to provide quick, relatable and the accurate information you are looking for.

Through extensive research, experts and medical professionals believe that cannabis could help treat common conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, addiction, skin conditions and more. We provide the information on the cannabis plant, it’s various different strains, chemical compounds and their potential to be a form of treatment and therapy for many medical conditions.