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Breast Cancer Studies

Statistics from the CDC state that one of every four deaths in the US is the result of cancer. In the US, the 5 year survival rate for those with cancer, is 65.6%. With regards to breast cancer specifically, it’s the most common form of cancer with more than double the incidence rate of respiratory system (lung) cancer. The 5 year survival rate for female breast cancer is 88.6%.

Cancer is scary, there’s no doubt about that, and as the second biggest cause of death in the United States, there’s sufficient enough reason for it to be. As a result, a phenomenal amount of funding goes towards cancer research and producing new therapies and treatments. Improving on existing therapies to reduce side effects and risks is also important.

In short, cancer is when cells either replicate too fast, or don’t die when they should at the end of their normal life cycle. This is due to genetic defects that when combined dysregulate the cell’s functions. Note, that it is not often one problem with DNA but multiple, that’s why a family history of cancer can increase risk, but it doesn’t condemn.

Regular checks and being well acquainted with your body can help detect symptoms such as changes in size, a lump or odd dimpling. In the UK, the health service recommends getting screened once every three years from the age of 50, as the risk increases with age. It’s also worth noting that mammograms (the screening procedure) won’t always detect all cancer types. So it’s still important to check yourself regularly.

New research into the medical applications of cannabis and cannabinoids (CBD and THC, for example), have found some success in using it to treat certain cancers. It has been seen to work well with the immune system, and in some cancers it has caused cell death of tumor cells. Evidence has been established for it as an antiemetic, to reduce nausea, which is exceptionally useful in patients undergoing cancer therapies as nausea and vomiting are common side effects.