What’s the Best CBD Skin Cream for You?

Selection of CBD skin creams

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The United States is buzzing with opinions (good and bad) about cannabis legalization, and it has been for a while. Even hemp fights a bad reputation for simply being in the cannabis family. Some may believe that cannabis is mostly rolled in paper and smoked. While that may be true, scientists are learning more and more about the many ways cannabis and hemp oils can be used. Yes, oils. Though true, it can be smoked, cannabis can be most beneficial in other forms such as in vapor, edibles, and more specifically, oils and creams.

Cannabis has two main ingredients: THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, has had the most publicity. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a very important part of the cannabis plant. This is especially true when referring to many of the products available on the market today.

CBD, though of the marijuana plant as well, is different from THC in some big ways. While THC is most known for its ability to provide a “high” for its consumers, CBD does not offer this effect. CBD can, in fact, offset the “high” given by THC. Research has shown that this reaction may help cannabis consumers offset the psychoactive properties of THC. CBD is, in fact, most desired by those who are looking for an anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic or pain relief treatment. Though it works best as nature intended: alongside its counterpart of THC, CBD is no slouch alone.

CBD oil is not only used in production for pain relief creams but as a skin cream for beauty regimens as well. CBD is proving to be beneficial in reviving damaged skin, and can also be used for treating acne-prone skin as well. Hemp is another useful substance on the rise. As with CBD, hemp oil’s popular in creams and beauty treatments as well.

CBD is closely associated with hemp oil. While the hemp and marijuana plants are closely related, in production, hemp oi’s extracted from the seeds of the hemp plants. Hemp oils can be used for cooking, in salads, in eco-friendly paints, plastics, and even bio-diesel fuel. Hemp also has gained popularity in skin care. Hemp oil’s a wonderful natural moisturizer and is especially desirable for lotions and soaps as it does not clog pores. Though the hemp plant used for the extraction of hemp oil does contain a small number of psychoactive properties, it is minimal, and fairly insignificant.

CBD has a bit of a different story. CBD oil is a product of cannabis or hemp. Currently, CBD is extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the cannabis or hemp, instead of the seeds. CBD’s popularity is on the rise as it has no mind-altering effects like THC. CBD oil can be used for a variety of disorders such as anxiety, depression, seizures, and cancer. Because CBD has no psychoactive substances, it seems to be ideal for treatments having to do with the nervous system and overall mental soundness. However, like hemp, it’s not just for taking internally, you can use it on your skin as well.

CBD and hemp are both widely available for purchase in cream form. One company, Hippie Butter, carries everything from hemp soaps to shampoos to moisturizing body creams. The moisturizing cream has hypoallergenic ingredients such as hemp oil, evening primrose, and borage oil. It is recommended for the face, throat, and dry patches as a daily application, and is absorbed quickly with no oily residue.

CBD creams are also becoming more popular as more people are becoming educated on its purposes. Imbue is a company that sells CBD facial cream. The product focuses on working with your skin on a cellular level, not just the surface, to give your face a healthy glow.

Endoca also sells CBD derived products. One such product, a salve, is mixed from both CBD and hemp. Because it’s a salve, it’s much thicker than a cream. It can be used for your face and neck like the cream but is ideal for relief from dry, cracked skin. Since CBD is beneficial for those suffering from eczema, this would seem to be an ideal CBD product for that purpose. Endoca states that their salve is “so pure, you can eat it,” so no worries on harsh preservatives in this product. It is also safe to use for diaper rashes and soothes the sensitive skin of babies.

With cold winter months upon us, lip balm is an absolute must. If you’re looking for a relieving CBD balm that will coat your lips, Ambary Gardens has you covered. Lip Fix is a beeswax based balm infused with CBD oil and then scented with lemon oil.

The uses of CBD oil are seemingly endless. Pure Ratios produces a salve that contains hemp derived CBD. This salve is also infused with an array of essential oils and herbs including arnica, elderflower, and of course, CBD oil. This salve sets itself apart from rest by not only being good for moisturizing the skin but can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. It’s an especially formulated product that both conditions the skin and help heal inflammation.

Studies have shown that CBD is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Topical CBD creams are now being used, not just for beauty regimens, but also for an array of skin issues like psoriasis and acne. Add to its resume the pain relief associated with anti-inflammation, and it seems that CBD has something for everyone. With companies offering a large range of CBD oil-based creams and products, this could be revolutionary for skin care and topical pain relief.

Though marijuana products are not legal in most states, this does not mean those living there do not have access to CBD products. Visit the links above and learn more about what hemp and CBD products can do for your skin and inflammation. As with any medicinal substance, please consult with a physician before use.

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