Review: Lord Jones + Tamara Mellon CBD Stiletto Cream

A beauty review on Lord Jones and Tamara Mellon CBD Stiletto Cream

When we first heard of Lord Jones and Tamara Mellon’s new CBD foot cream collaboration, we were skeptical. Turns out, we were wrong. Image Credit: By cannabisMD

This year, we’ve seen more and more niche CBD products, from mascaras to sunscreen, but one recent launch that surprised me was Lord Jones’ Stiletto Cream. A collab with luxury shoe designer Tamara Mellon, the cream was inspired by celebs like Mandy Moore who have said they use Lord Jones Body Lotion to help with heel pain they encountered from walking red carpets. 

This type of product makes sense since we know that CBD has the potential to alleviate pain with its anti-inflammatory properties — I personally use it regularly to deal with aches and pain. But something that was specifically made to target the excruciating pain one can experience from walking in heels all night sounded like a game-changer. It also had 200mg of CBD, with 4mg in each application. And I had the perfect opportunity to test it: a friend’s wedding where I’d be in fancy, painful shoes, standing on my feet all night long! 

When it comes to dressing up, I usually am pretty strategic with my shoes, opting for platforms over high heels, but I didn’t have a platform heel to match this particular dress. So, I made the very risky decision to wear a six-inch Betsey Johnson “Polly” heel. Johnson’s shoes are typically more comfortable than usual stilettos due to their wooden base, but these were a little narrow and I was sure I’d be wishing for platform flip flops by the end of the night. Still, proceeded. Fashion! 

What Does Lord Jones CBD Cream Smell Like?

The first thing I noticed was the light smell. There aren’t any added fragrances, but the cream contains fruit acids. As I got ready for the wedding, I applied the cream on the soles of my feet, put on my heels, and went immediately back to doing my makeup. This was the first mistake I made. I should have let it soak into my feet so the CBD could thoroughly be absorbed by the skin and do its work! 

What Does It Feel Like?

It was more wet and greasy than I’m used to, so I was already slipping in my heels. I also expected it to be super tingly like other CBD pain creams I use (usually due to the peppermint) but it wasn’t like that at all. Even though my heels felt slippery, I went to the wedding, which was at an outside venue with cobblestone walkways, stairs, and no real seating for the ceremony. 

Does Lord Jones Stiletto CBD Cream Do What It Claims?

By the end of the night, my feet were in some truly hellish pain. I also ended up tripping over an uneven cobblestone and falling flat on my shins, causing me to think I should have skipped the heels and pulled some kind of chic, Bjork-inspired ball gown and sneakers look instead. At this point, I thought the cream was B.S. But then I picked up the tube and read the directions (which I should have done in the first place). It said to let the cream absorb fully into the foot. Little did I know, this was crucial. I decided to test it again, on a day where I was going to be walking around for hours, shopping for vintage clothes. I wore similar stiletto heels (just less narrow) and also threw a pair of flats in my trunk in case my feet became too painful.  

This time, I made sure to let the cream fully absorb into my right foot, but then as I went out the door, I noticed that I could still feel a “wetness” on my left sole, and realized I didn’t let that one absorb. Well, by the end of my shopping excursion, I noticed that my left foot was more achy than my right! In fact, my right foot felt completely fine, and my left felt only a little painful, perhaps because it absorbed halfway. 

Is Lord Jones Stiletto Cream Worth the Money?

I think the Lord Jones Stiletto Cream is legit. I’ve also used it at the end of the day to help with heel pain, locking it in by wearing socks over it. My only complaint is the cost: $70 for a 1.69 oz tube. Though, this is expected considering how much CBD is in it. Still, I would be mindful of how much I use and make sure to be patient when applying so I can let it absorb all the way. If you want to try the Stiletto Cream yourself, you can find it at the Lord Jones website and

Marie Lodi
Marie Lodi
Marie Lodi is a LA-based writer and editor covering beauty, fashion, and cannabis. She is also the co-host of Fishnet Flix, a podcast about fashion in film and runs the food blog The Bloodfeast.

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