If You Suffer From Foot Fungus, These Two Cannabinoids Can Help

These two cannabinoids can treat foot fungus

Foot fungus is much more common than you think — cannabinoids can help. Image Credit: By Sean Nel on Shutterstock

Foot fungus is much more common that most of us realize, for obvious reasons. It’s not the kind of thing that people casually mention in the elevator or at the dinner table, and since it’s rarely discussed, many don’t know what to do when they get it. “Using cannabis” might sound like a bizarre bit of advice, but as the science shows, it’s remarkably effective.

Because of its cannabinoids — chemical compounds that occur naturally in the plant — cannabis has the ability to treat foot fungus. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, but two in particular are thought to be most reliable for treating fungal skin conditions all over the body. Surprisingly, they’re not CBD and THC (the most common ones). Rather, scientists think two little known compounds called CBC and CBG have the antifungal superpowers you’re looking for.

These side effect-free cannabinoids could represent a major breakthrough in the way we treat fungal infections — which, according to some estimates, could affect as many as 300 million people worldwide. Vaginal and oral thrush, athletes’ foot, or the aptly named “jock itch” are all things that most of us are likely to have experienced at some point in our lives. The key to treating infections like these is spotting them in the early stages, and treating them before the symptoms progress and long term damage is done.

If you can prevent them in the first place, even better. Fungus thrives in a warm, moist environment, so keeping your feet dry and clean is your best weapon against infections. This means making simple changes like wearing flip flops around the swimming pool, in public showers or in the locker room, choosing high quality waterproof footwear, changing your socks every day, and washing with an antifungal, antibacterial soap (particularly after playing sports, working out, or doing any activity that makes your feet sweat).

But while these simple steps can help to prevent fungal infections, they won’t do much to treat existing ones. This is where CBC and CBG come in, scientists say. According to recent research, these cannabinoids have several key characteristics that make them well suited to de-fungifying your feet.

CBC + CBG: the Underappreciated Cannabinoids

Cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG) haven’t been as well studied as other components of the cannabis plant, but even the early stages of research have hinted at their medicinal value. In particular, scientists have been intrigued by their potential for treating foot and toenail fungus.

Studies have shown that both CBC and CBG are effective at killing even the most stubborn kinds of fungus, while still being gentle on the skin. This isn’t something that can be said for many conventional antifungal medications including oral antifungal treatments, some of which can cause unwanted side effects. By triggering key receptors throughout the body, CBC and CBG help to boost the immune system’s ability to defend itself against fungus and other threats, while simultaneously stimulating the production of other beneficial chemicals like anandamide.

Best of all, CBC and CBG don’t cause new problems in the process of solving old ones. Many over the counter topical antifungal treatments and foot powders can be overly harsh on sensitive skin, but these cannabinoids are gentle enough for use even by people with conditions like eczema, while still being potent enough to kill foot and toenail fungus effectively.

How to Fight Foot Fungus With CBC + CBG

The best way to harness the fungus-fighting powers of CBC and CBG is through a topical that contains full spectrum CBD oil. The term “full spectrum” refers to the fact that these oils boast not only CBD but also the full range of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids found in cannabis plants, including CBC and CBG. It’s rare to find “pure” CBC or CBG oil, and those would be less effective in any case.

Despite the connotations of goodness we often associate with purity, cannabinoids actually work better as a team — a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect.” So, if you’re serious about treating your foot fungus effectively, it’s worth your time to search for a full spectrum CBD topical.

Once you’ve found a topical that appeals to you (which could be a moisturizer, a body wash, or anything else that’s convenient for you to use), you can start using it as frequently as possible. During the treatment period, you should try to wash your feet, dry them thoroughly, and apply a topical at least several times a day. This might feel like a chore, but after a week or so of this, you should notice that your infection starts to clear up.

Don’t make the mistake of stopping treatment as soon as your skin is looking better, though. Fungus can be stubborn and infections can sneak back when you’re least expecting them, so continue using your full spectrum CBD topical on an ongoing basis to prevent future foot fungus.

And if the infection persists after a week or two of treatment, don’t hesitate to make a doctor’s appointment. It’s best not to wait until your toenails have fallen off.

Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell
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