The Secret to Healthy Lips? It Just Might Be CBD Lipstick

Learn more about the potential benefits of a CBD based lipstick.

CBD lipsticks can provide anti-bacterial properties and keep your lips looking and feeling healthier. Image Credit: By Linda Staf on shutterstock

Lipstick is the ultimate staple when it comes to creating an ultra-glam look ultra fast, and, so, when we find a perfect shade or brand, we tend to become attached. But believe it or not, a CBD lipstick could soon replace your old favorite, both on your vanity and in your heart.

CBD lipsticks are the latest cannabis-infused beauty products to hit the market, joining a seemingly endless line of creams, lotions, serums, and anything else you can put on your face. They’re mixed with almond oil, coconut oil, and every essential oil you can think of — to say nothing of shea butter, cocoa butter, and all the other non-nut butters.

But while it’s relatively low-stakes to try a new CBD nighttime face mask or anti-wrinkle cream, rolling the dice on a new lipstick can feel like a riskier endeavor. However, the payoff could be worth it. CBD lipsticks have a couple of big advantages over traditional lipsticks — here’s what you need to know.  

CBD Lipsticks Are Antibacterial

‘Antibacterial’ isn’t normally a word we hear in the context of lipsticks. However, there’s one major advantage to having a lipstick with antibacterial properties and if you’re someone who suffers from cold sores, it could be exactly what you need.

The antibacterial properties of CBD mean that CBD lipsticks are well-equipped to fight off infections on and around the lips. Cold sores are the most common of these infections, and they affect between 50 and 80 percent of American adults. These pesky, recurring sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and although no amount of antibacterial lipstick will ever cure the condition, they could help to prevent outbreaks and/or speed up the healing process.

CBD Lipsticks Could Give You Softer Lips

Many lipsticks can dry out your lips, especially those with a matte finish. Unfortunately, these are also usually the products with the nicest colors, so many of us endure dry and sore lips for the sake of beauty. The days of having to choose may be over, though — it’s starting to look like CBD lipsticks might be the easiest way to moisturize your lips without slathering them with aloe vera, olive oil, or some generic lip balm.

The reason why? Buckle up, because we’re about to crash into some science. Studies have shown CBD can help regulate the skin’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that helps skin cells maintain homeostasis. In other words, it keeps things “normal”: not too dry, not too moist, not too, you get the picture. Thanks to its ability to keep your endocannabinoid system in tune, CBD could help prevent chapped lips, patches of dead skin, and other irritations.

Now if only it could stop you from licking your lips, too.

But Are CBD Lipsticks Really Better?

The first question to ask of any lipstick is: Does it look good? The second question is: Does it feel good? And the third question is: Will I have to sell a kidney to afford it?

On the surface at least, CBD lipsticks can give satisfactory answers to all of those questions. It’s obviously impossible to say, “All CBD lipsticks will look great on you, no matter what,” but there are enough positive reviews of enough different products to rule out the opposite. And as mentioned above, CBD’s ability to keep your skin from drying out means it passes the comfort test, too.

As for the matter of price, it’s undeniable that CBD lipsticks tend to be a bit pricier than their non-infused counterparts. But like the saying goes, you get what you pay for — and when it comes to CBD lipsticks, it looks like you might be getting quite a lot. Hooray for healthy lips, indeed.

Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell is a health, wellness, and lifestyle writer based in Ireland whose work has appeared in The Irish Times and The Independent, among others. In 2017, she founded the lifestyle brand “Self Love and Sarah” to promote healthy self image and body positivity for women.

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