Makeup and Medicine – Why Hemp Has Made a Comeback

Hemp makeup products coming back

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Forget the fancy, overpriced makeup items you see at the store. Hemp has made a comeback. Read on to find out why old age makeup is popular again. How do you see marijuana? Do you view it as the plant that makes you high? While marijuana has plenty of psychoactive properties, its medicinal qualities are outstanding.

From reading recent cannabis research, you probably think those with serious health ailments are the only ones who benefit from marijuana. But in reality, anyone can benefit from Mary Jane. If you’re passionate about cosmetics, you’ll want to continue reading.

Hemp, the non-psychoactive plant in the cannabis family, boasts several skincare benefits. These benefits include fighting acne and anti-inflammation. Hemp is found in multiple cosmetic products. Whether you’re using hemp for skin care of old age makeup, read on and find out how ganja makes you beautiful.

Lip Balm

Even if you’re not into cannabis, you’re probably into lip balm. Everyone — regardless of age or gender — needs chapstick or lip balm. Our lips need moisture; oftentimes, our saliva isn’t enough to moisturize our lips.

So our lips need a product to bring back moisture. But what if you apply chapstick and your lips are still chapped? Your chapstick isn’t moisturizing enough.

But an extremely potent moisturizing ingredient is prevalent in an unsuspecting plant: hemp.

Hemp can be applied to this old age makeup technique. Hemp helps moisturize your lips but also heals dry and cracked lips.

The secret comes from hemp oil. This oil is a natural moisturizer and contains multiple healing properties that seals in moisture. Hemp oil is also rich in vitamin D, which prevents aging symptoms.

When used in lip balm, hemp oil is also odorless and flavorless. For those who prefer no taste or smell in their lip balm, hemp lip balm is the best option.

You can find hemp oil lip balm through multiple manufacturers. Some companies make hemp oil lip balm in a tube and others use food-grade solvents to extract hemp oil in a salve.

You can also make your own hemp oil lip balm. Combine beeswax, shea butter, and hemp oil. You can add an essential oil such as lavender or peppermint.

BB Cream and CC Cream

While hard to find, there are hemp-infused BB cream products. BB cream, or beauty balm, is a cross-over skincare and cosmetic product. BB cream is a moisturizer.

But BB cream is tinted, so it serves as a foundation or foundation primer.

Because of BB cream’s moisturizing benefits, this beauty product works great with hemp oil. You’ll receive hemp oil’s moisturizing and old age makeup benefits. This includes vitamin D, which fights wrinkles by increasing cell turnover.

Keep in mind, you should always wear a separate moisturizer with a BB cream. You can use hemp seed oil alone as a moisturizer.

While not many brands create BB cream with hemp seed oil, you can take your own oil and combine it with your BB cream or foundation for hemp’s moisture and anti-aging benefits.

In addition, CC cream is similar to BB cream. “CC” stands for color correcting. Like BB cream, this product offers moisture and coverage benefits. But CC cream corrects skin discoloration or uneven skin tone.

If you want hemp-infused CC cream, place a few hemp oil drops into your CC cream and shake up the product.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays help your makeup last all day. Think of setting spray like hairspray — you use hairspray so your hair doesn’t lose its style throughout the day. Makeup setting spray works the same way.

While makeup setting sprays aren’t an old age makeup technique, beauty connoisseurs from previous generations loved spraying their face with hydrating sprays.

So even if you’re not wearing makeup, setting spray offers a variety of skincare benefits. Give your face a good spritz when your skin needs a moisture boost.

The best way to ignite that moisture boost is incorporating hemp oil to your setting spray. Hemp oil will help refresh your skin.

A setting spray works for a post-makeup application. Setting spray can also be used before you apply makeup or on your makeup-free days.

While most store-bought setting sprays don’t contain hemp oil, you can add a few drops of hemp oil to your setting spray. You can even save money by making your own.

Just be sure to dilute the oil in plenty of water. If not, the setting spray can have the opposite effect: making your makeup slip off.

Makeup Remover

Opposite to old age makeup application, a proper makeup removal routine is as important as your skincare and makeup routine.

When you sleep with your makeup on, the leftover pigment and products damage your skin. This damage increases when you leave your makeup on for several days in a row.

Your makeup removal strategy should effectively wash away all of your makeup, but should also provide additional skincare benefits. This is why hemp oil alone is a great makeup removal method.

You may think using an oil is an odd way to cleanse off your makeup.

But the oil cleansing method, or OCM, is very popular. Depending on the comedogenic rating, certain oils will help clear your pores. Hemp oil products have a 0 rating, so it will clear harmful oil and sebum that causes breakouts.

This fact is important when washing off your makeup. If you’re prone to acne breakouts caused by makeup, hemp oil removes the harmful sebum that causes these breakouts.

Oil is an effective makeup remover because oil breaks down pigments.

When you use hemp oil as a makeup remover, place a little oil on your fingertips (you can wet your face or hands first) and gently rub the oil into your eyelids, face, and lips.

Rinse your face with water and cleanse with more hemp oil or a separate cleansing product.

Lipstick and Lipgloss

Different from lip balm and chapstick mentioned previously, lipstick and lipgloss give your lips more aesthetics.

Without color, lips can be pretty boring.

But when doused in bright red or pink, your lips look bold and beautiful. Lipstick is an old age makeup beauty trend that has been around for centuries, and lip color’s influence isn’t faltering anytime soon.

But how many times have you applied lipstick, only for your lips to look dried out, cracked and chapped? Certain ingredients in lipstick dries out your lips. Even matte liquid lipsticks leave your lips caked and dried.

Incorporating a moisturizing agent such as hemp oil helps your skin retain moisture while the pigment makes your lips look incredible.

Lip Primer

Can’t find a hemp oil-infused lipstick you like? Opt for a hemp-infused lip primer. Rather than an old age makeup trend, this is a new age makeup trend. But it’s becoming more popular, and hemp is making its way into this innovative trend.

Before applying lipstick, a lip primer acts as a base between the skin on your lips and the pigment.

Your lip color won’t “settle” into the lines of your lips, resulting in an even and flawless application. Since a barrier exists between your lips and the product, your lipstick will last a lot longer.

Primer also helps moisturize lips before lipstick application. When lipstick pigments touch the skin of your lips, this results in dryness. A moisturizing barrier helps prevent lip dryness and chapping from lipstick.

Find a lip primer with hemp oil toward the top of the ingredients list. This ensures the moisturizing properties will help heal your lips and protect your lips from any harsh ingredients in the lipstick.

For best results, apply the primer ten minutes before you apply your lipstick. This helps the primer settle into your lips before lipstick application.


Hemp oil even appears in old age makeup products such as mascara. But hemp oil offers a lot of benefits for your lashes.

How many times have your lashes broke off after mascara application? The mascara formula and brush dries out your lashes, making them brittle. This results in breakage and growth issues.

Hemp naturally contains protein. These proteins are great for hair follicles and strands, strengthening them and helping your natural hairs grow longer and thicker.

When you apply hemp-infused mascara, your lashes will feel soft. Even amongst the strong pigment, hemp oil accentuates your natural lashes. When you wash off the mascara, your natural lashes will feel softer and stronger.


Believe it or not, some cosmetic lines infuse hemp into their bronzer.

Makeup junkies use bronzer for a variety of different reasons. Some want a classic sun-kissed glow. Others use bronzer for full contouring, making their face look more defined.

These products are ideal for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin. If traditional bronzer breaks you out, hemp will clear your pores and protect your skin from harmful acne-causing oils and sebum.

If cosmetic bronzer intimidates you, there are products such as bronzing moisturizer that gives you a subtle tanned look without the intricate makeup techniques.

Want the tan without the sun? Look for old age makeup tanning lotions made with hemp. Your face and body will stay moisturized and acne-free with an incredible tanned glow.

Use Hemp Oil with Your Old Age Makeup Products

Marijuana isn’t the awful drug we once thought it was. More research shows marijuana has multiple benefits and uses. One of hemp’s many benefits is in cosmetics.

Hemp has incredible skincare benefits. When added to makeup, you will look even more beautiful.

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