Cannabis Cosmetics – CBD Infused Bath Bombs & Body Care

CBD infused cosmetics and bath bombs

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It’s unlikely that our grandparents ever expected to see the day when cannabis cosmetics were a growing industry. Far fetched as it may have seemed to them, that day is here. The number of big beauty brands that have introduced lines of cannabis infused products to their ranges is growing by the day. And these products are becoming more diverse, innovative and mainstream as a result.

CBD infused bath bombs and body care products in particular have exceeded even the most optimistic expectations in terms of their popularity. The self care movement has led to a huge increase in the use of these luxury bathing products in general, but the arrival of CBD infused versions has added to their value.

The Benefits of CBD Infused Products

The use of cannabis in cosmetics is based on solid scientific evidence derived from years of research and study. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the way that the chemicals in cannabis boost this system has led to advances in the use of cannabis skin care.

The chemicals in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, have for a long time been seen to benefit the skin. Essential fatty acids found in compounds such as cannabidiol (CBD) react with our skin cells, cleansing them and restoring them to balance.

CBD has been known for a long time to be a powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antibacterial. This makes CBD helpful for not only acne but also eczema, psoriasis and a whole range of other skin conditions.

We also know that cannabis infused topicals and bath soaks can be very helpful for soothing aching muscles and joints. Whether caused by a tough workout. a long week in the office, or even a chronic pain condition, people have been using cannabis infused products as a home treatment for years.

A CBD infused bath bomb can infuse your bath with the natural healing properties of cannabis, relieving you of aches and pains while also giving your skin some much needed TLC. The medical benefits of CBD coupled with the relaxing joy of a warm bath mean rest and relaxation for both the mind and body all at once. Who wouldn’t want that?

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