CBD Coconut Oil Just Might Give You The Hair of Your Dreams

Improving your hair with a cbd coconut oil combo.

CBD oil and coconut oil both have benefits for your hair, so it's no wonder that they're being combined into a powerful duo. Image Credit: By progressman on shutterstock

In the last five years or so, coconut oil has had something of a moment in the health and wellness industry. This tropical oil went from being a relatively unknown ingredient to one that many people now use for everything from home cooking to facial cleansing. Today, CBD oil is experiencing a similar moment and it seems that by combining the two, you could have the gorgeous, healthy hair of your dreams.

What’s So Great About CBD Coconut Oil Anyway?

Both CBD (cannabidiol from the cannabis plant) and coconut oil have been hailed for their rich concentration of fatty acids. These are good fats which are essential for the health of the body. Not only are they important for brain health, among other things, they can have a number of beneficial effects on the health and quality of hair.

One of the best-known effects of fatty acids on the hair is their ability to stimulate growth. People can experience problems with hair growth for a number of reasons, including stress and anxiety, illness, and genetics. Using a CBD coconut oil as a weekly treatment for the hair could help to tackle this problem and prevent it from occurring in the first place.

CBD coconut oil is also likely to give your hair a much-needed hydration boost. If you style your hair regularly using heated styling tools, your hair is probably suffering from some heat damage. Similarly, if you’ve got a penchant for at-home dye kits or bleach, you might have noticed your hair has become broken and dry. CBD and coconut oil could help to repair this kind of heat damaged hair without expensive salon treatments.

Those of us with fine, breakable hair could benefit from another of the qualities of CBD coconut oil — its rich supply of amino acids. According to the founder and CEO of Earthly Body, Kevin Wachs, “CBD oil contains all 21 known amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.” Wachs went on to explain that this is important for people with delicate tresses, since “it helps to build up collagen and elastin, which are essential to hair strength.”

Is CBD Oil Just a Fad?

It feels like everyday there’s an exciting new beauty trend that everyone’s talking about. We get swept up in the excitement and can’t wait to get our hands on the “next big thing.” Unfortunately, it often doesn’t take long to realize that the miracle product in question won’t live up to our expectations. This can be confusing, annoying, and exhausting for folks who just want to find a product that will work without breaking the bank.

Honestly, who knows if CBD coconut oil will still be “a thing” in a few years time? The beauty industry has always been driven by fast-paced trends. But what is clear is that there’s a lot of hard science on the benefits of CBD and coconut oil, and this might be enough to convince many people to give it a try.

Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell
Sarah Tyrrell is a health, wellness, and lifestyle writer based in Ireland whose work has appeared in The Irish Times and The Independent, among others. In 2017, she founded the lifestyle brand “Self Love and Sarah” to promote healthy self image and body positivity for women.

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