Why CBD Body Lotion Should Be a Part of Your Skincare Regime

CBD Body Lotion Skin Care

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Taking care of your skin isn’t just important for vanity reasons, it’s important for your overall health. Read on to learn how CBD body lotion can help.

It’s not often that people think of cannabis and body lotion in the same sentence.

When most think of cannabis, they think of the way it gives users that “high” or maybe they think of humorous scenes in a movie. We’ve all heard of smoking cannabis and eating cannabis in treats.

Using cannabis in a lotion can sound a little strange at first. What kind of skincare regimen could benefit from such an addition? That answer is that all kinds of skincare regimens could benefit greatly from CBD.

Keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Topical CBD?

Topical CBD simply means the way you use it. Instead of ingesting it or inhaling it like other medical cannabis products, you rub it into your skin and get the benefits of CBD that way.

CBD comes in many different topical applications. You can use it in oils, creams, sunscreen, body lotion, and more. It’s fast-acting and concentrated, giving you the benefits as soon as the CBD touches your skin.

The great thing about topical CBD is the fact that you get the benefits of the cannabidiol seeping into your skin without risking that “high” feeling that most associated with cannabis. This means you could use your CBD-infused lotions while still being capable of doing your normal everyday routine.

CBD for Skincare

Cannabis has some unique properties as an herb-infusion that gives your normal skincare a boost whenever you need it.


Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps your skin to remain calm throughout the day, no matter what kinds of conditions it might be exposed to. It also helps against any skin irritation, letting inflamed skin regain its natural look soon after application.

This is extra helpful if you suffer from a skin condition that often leads to skin that puffs up with irritation or swelling. CBD aids in keeping that kind of swelling to a minimum while also providing other benefits at the same time.


CBD body lotion has a high concentration of antioxidants. It actually provides a naturally higher concentration of antioxidants than even Vitamin E or C.

Antioxidants are important if you want to retain a healthy and youthful looking skin. This substance promotes healing in the skin and reduces the aging of the skin. It keeps the skin from developing wrinkles too early and can help existing wrinkles become fuller, making the wrinkles less visible.

It also helps protect the epidermis from outside agents that can do a lot of damage over time to the delicate tissue.


CBD-infused lotions will also have a high concentration of many different minerals and vitamins that all act together to give your skin extra strength and a healthy glow.

It contains fatty acids that give extra moisture to the skin as well as protection from harmful outside entities. It also has Vitamin A and D which help to repair the skin and keeps your skin from getting too oily. Vitamin B is also present, which helps the skin grow in a healthy manner and prevents skin conditions from forming.

In addition to so many vitamins, CBD also has a large array of minerals and proteins to aid in skin health.

Natural Sunscreen

A unique property of cannabis is the fact that it is a natural sunscreen. It contains both omega-3 and omega-6 which give extra moisture to the skin and helps give extra protection from the sun.

Oil made from cannabis retains the natural chemicals inside the plant that help protect it from harmful UV rays. This same protection is then applied to your skin in the application of topical CBD. What makes it extra special is that CBD’s sun protection doesn’t stop your skin from absorbing the ever important vitamin-D.

It is still a good idea to wear a dedicated sunscreen when you go out into the sun for long periods of time. But when just going to the store or for a quick walk? CBD can handle the job pretty well on its own.

Conditions That Benefit Most From CBD Body Lotion

CBD is much more than your typical skincare lotion. On top of being a great tool to help give you beautiful skin, when it comes to fighting against medical conditions, CBD can’t be beaten.


A good CBD-rich body lotion would greatly benefit people who suffer from psoriasis. This painful condition causes a build up of too many skin cells, which makes the skin itchy and inflamed.

Unfortunately, this condition doesn’t have a real cure, but CBD does offer a strong treatment and relief to patients.

The anti-inflammatory qualities of cannabis help to soothe the swelling caused by the condition, giving relief to the excessive itching. CBD also helps to prevent the build-up of the skin cells.

Plus, CBD gives pain relief, letting the pain associated with psoriasis to lessen to tolerable levels.


This skin condition inflicts a patient with a red and itchy rash that can cause blisters. Much similar in the way it helps against psoriasis, CBD is a good candidate for people who suffer from eczema.

CBD body lotion would help to soothe the rash and promote the healing of any blisters that have formed. It would also provide relief to any pain that might be present due to the condition.


One of the things that makes CBD lotions more special than any other kind of body lotion, is the fact that cannabidiol gives pain relief. Applying CBD directly to the skin means that the relief comes quickly to the affected area, without much need to wait.

Both the typical swelling and the pain that goes with it will be soothed by the CBD, allowing patients to feel more limber and free with their joints soon after application.

Skin Infection

CBD naturally fights against bacterial infections. This makes it perfect for anyone who suffers from bacterial skin infections. CBD can help relieve symptoms caused by conditions like boils, impetigo, cellulite, and more.

What makes CBD better than most other types of antibiotics is the fact that it doesn’t cause the body to build up a tolerance. This kind of tolerance can make infections even harder to get rid of in the long run. If you use CBD, however, the body doesn’t get used to the healing properties, allowing you to use it for extended periods of time to the same effect.


Burns of all types can be incredibly painful and can sometimes take weeks or, in severe cases, months to heal up properly. CBD helps to aid in this healing, while also providing relief to the inflammation and pain that plagues patients with burns.

Extra Benefits

Alongside all of the skin benefits, CBD body lotion also has other uses that make it even more useful to have in your home.

Pain Management

Instead of relying on other types of pain medication to deal with our pain, CBD can be a good alternative to those potentially harmful chemicals. The usefulness of CBD to fight against pain has been talked about for a long time, though there was a time where it was far too stigmatized for everyday patients to find.

Luckily, it’s no longer overly difficult to find a provider of medical cannabis for pain management needs. If you’re looking for some other way to provide pain relief, try CBD instead of prescription medicine.

It’s able to specifically seep into the painful area with a concentrated effect, instead of relying on medication that goes throughout your entire body.

Muscle Tension

If you find yourself often having trouble with excessive muscle tension, CBD body lotion can be the answer you’ve been looking for. The fact that it can reduce swelling and give you relief to any pain makes it the perfect remedy for this condition.

CBD-infused lotions also make excellent substitutes for traditional massage lotions. It also gives a lot more benefits at the same time.

Fights Against Headaches

Due to its pain relieving qualities, CBD body lotion works wonders against headaches and migraines. It is especially useful because you can rub the lotion directly on your forehead or temples and feel the cooling and pain-relieving effects right away in those specific areas.

With this available, you won’t have to rely on carrying around things like ibuprofen or other types of pain pills. Instead, you can get the relief you need while still providing your skin an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and moisture.

CBD Body Lotion Isn’t Just a Specialized Product

Cannabis has a certain stigma against it, making some people feel as though it’s only useful for people who spend their days being “high”. When it comes down to it, CBD is just another herb to make a lotion even more powerful.

The benefits of CBD show that it is a great product that everyone should use in their daily skincare regimen. Especially if you’re someone who has aching muscles, or often has headaches to deal with.

Not only will a CBD lotion give you relief from a lot of different conditions, it will also ensure that your skin is healthy and glowing.

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