Is CBD a Good Anti-Inflammatory for Anti-Aging?

Anti-inflammatory and anti aging effects of CBD

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CBD (cannabidiol) has been known for a long time to provide a vast array of anti-inflammatory properties for issues like glaucoma, acne, hepatitis, arthritis and many more. However, it is now being studied for its anti-aging properties too. This is because many skin care products used as part of anti-aging treatments have anti-inflammation and antioxidant components within their creams and oils just like CBD.

The 7 signs of aging are widely known to be sagging skin, dulling of the skin, wrinkles, dark spots (hyper pigmentation), patchy skin, dry skin and as always open pores. Already from our coverage of CBD for acne we know it has the potential to clear blocked pores causes by inflammation therefore it could also be used to help with the 6 other signs of aging.

Anti-Aging CBD Topicals

The use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil within topicals (creams/lotions/oils) provides a suitable delivery method for the anti-aging benefits of CBD . CBD topicals provides some of the most powerful antioxidants for our skin (even better than certain vitamins) which firstly help stop the aging process caused by free radicals.

They are atoms or molecules which “steal” the electrons we need to keep our skin looking natural and healthy. This is turn damages the skin (DNA damage) making it look old at a much faster rate. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce the redness and puffiness within the skin which calms it down and allows it to do its job properly and more naturally.

If the skin is fighting off inflammation caused by eczema or acne it will have a harder time of keeping itself in good condition. Consider it like a builder trying to build a wall (hydrating/replenishing) but something (acne/inflammation) keeps taking bricks away. At this rate the wall will never be built. CBD has the potential to ward off any infections so the skin can simply worry about keeping us looking youthful and healthy.

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