5 Natural Ways To Stay Youthful Into Old Age

5 natural and organic way to look younger

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Since the beginning of time (or at least, recorded time), humans have been infatuated with youth and beauty. The quest for the Fountain of Youth has been recorded as early as 5th century BC, and many cultures throughout history have their own legends of the magical waters believed to bring eternal youth to whomever drank it or bathed in it. We can thank the Ancient Egyptians for being the first to develop the study of cosmetology: they used oils to keep their skin hydrated in their dry climate, henna to keep graying hair black, and mud masks to keep the skin clear and youthful. There is even ample evidence that upper-class men used different natural methods to stimulate hair growth. Not an heir to the Egyptian throne? That’s okay: beauty was so important to the ancient Egyptians that even their slaves were compensated with oils in order to keep their skin beautiful. Egyptians were so obsessed with their appearance that many times beauty instruments or products were put in the tombs of the dead.

Not much has changed in modern times, and companies are working harder and faster to find the newest, most effective products to keep their customers young and wrinkle-free. The anti-aging industry is projected to be worth a whopping 191.7 billion dollars by 2019, which you’d think would be enough to find or invent a real Fountain of Youth, however, many modern products have the same or similar ingredients than that of ancient anti-aging and beauty products. The beauty of modern anti-aging treatments, however, is that we have long moved away from using nightingale poop as a makeup remover like Geishas (although you can still purchase it online) or eating tapeworms to stay slim and youthful like Queen Elizabeth. In fact, the anti aging industry is constantly on the lookout for more inventive ways to fight off aging: some companies claim their chocolate bars have such a potent antioxidant content that it is reversing the appearance of aging by a whole decade or two, and collagen infused spirits have recently hit the market, making even cocktail hour beneficial for your skin.

These days, cannabis-derived products are making some major headway in the skincare industry. Cosmetic and anti-aging companies are incorporating cannabinoids like CBD and THC into their product lines as the demand for more natural and effective skin care treatments rise. CBD is a powerful tool in anti-aging, and comes with very few, minor side effects (if any at all). This makes it appealing to many people looking for ways to beat the clock without the side effects of harsher anti-aging products and procedures. Incorporating healthy habits along with responsible CBD use is a potent combination for ultimate age-fighting power. Here are a few natural ways to stay youthful at any age:

Stock Up Your Cupboards

We can’t stop aging completely, but we can definitely slow it down. Keeping our diets high in antioxidant rich foods and healthy fats is one of the best ways to stay on top of the aging process. You’ll want to stock up on foods that have a good amount of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), aid in inflammation, promotes healthy cell growth, and are high in antioxidants. CBD oil is a great example of all these qualities: it’s known to have a healthy 3:1 ratio of EFA’s, contains anti inflammatory properties, encourages cell communication and repair, and is chock-full of antioxidants to help fight off damaging free-radicals.

Work Your Body

Physical exercise and movement is absolutely essential to staying young and spry. We all lose muscle mass and collagen as we age, but staying active can help significantly slow down or even stop muscle mass and joint deterioration. Want some inspiration? Sam “Sonny” Bright, Jr. started going to the gym at age 44 as a way to release stress, and over 30 years later still insists it’s the best way to stay young. But you don’t have to go to daily Crossfit sessions or sign up for a marathon (although, you could!). Studies show that even just 30 minutes of light physical activity a day can be enough to keep your body healthy. As with any physical activity, make sure you’re supplementing correctly: many people find that taking CBD oil before and after a workout not only aided in overall performance, but also helped the recovery process.

Work Your Brain

We’ve heard people say “age is in your head,” and turns out, this could be very true: working out your brain keeps your mind keen, memory clear, and focus laser sharp. Although a surefire Alzheimer’s and Dementia preventative is not known, experts believe the mental stimulation from education may protect the brain from signs of aging by strengthening the connection and messaging activity between cells. Mental teasers and exercises are a fun way to cross train your brain, and it’s also been said that video games may be a great way to keep your brain young. CBD oil is also known to be great brain food: you can thank the EFA’s and its Federal Government-approved neuroprotective properties for that.

Take Some Time

Everyone knows that stress can accelerate the signs of aging, both inside and outside the body. The link between stress and healthy skin, bones, and brain function is undeniable, so it’s important to manage it appropriately. Easier said than done, perhaps, but incorporating little things into your daily life can make a huge difference: practice daily mindfulness and gratitude, apply deep breathing into your morning routine, or switch your radio to calming music for meditation during your daily commute. Taking some time for just you and your thoughts every day can help lower stress levels significantly, therefore preventing premature aging. CBD oil has also been used to treat things like depression and anxiety, making this plant extract a powerful tool in stress management.

Topical Care

With the addition of all these healthy habits, using a quality cream can give your skin that much more advantage in the anti aging process. Everyone is different, and personal preference plays a big part in what we are willing to put on our skin on a regular basis. Whether you choose a heavy cream or a light serum, the most important factor is the ingredients in the carrier. Look for something that suits your skin type and is free of allergens and fragrances. You don’t need synthetic chemicals to keep your skin looking fresh: CBD used topically has excellent anti-aging and skin protecting properties.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend a ton of money in order to stay looking and feeling young. Maintaining youth is more than an expensive collagen cream and regular visits to the dermatologist: it starts from the inside out. Begin these healthy habits today to discover your very own Fountain of Youth.

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