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Which CBD Based Foundations Work for Acne Prone Skin?

Acne Prone Skin - best CBD based Foundation

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CBD has been proven to have many beneficial effects on acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the production of sebum which clogs pores and helps prevent acne from recurring.

CBD is cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, one of many cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis sativa or hemp plant. It can be extracted easily from most parts of the hemp plant, which contains no or only trace amounts of THC. You cannot possibly get a ‘high’ from hemp-based CBD products.

Research has shown that CBD has a number of health effects including anti-oxidant, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits, anti-seizure and anti-spastic effects and a great deal of promise for the treatment of other conditions. It has proven itself on acne but also on other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and can prevent the skin from aging prematurely.

Because of its beneficial effects on skin, it is now included in a number of skin care products from body lotions, anti-aging creams for those fine lines, to lip balm. There are more and more CBD products arriving on the market every day. Applied topically, CBD will have a positive impact on your blemish prone skin. Today we are going to look at a number of beauty products including the best CBD based foundation for acne prone skin.

Many of the beauty products we will look at contain hemp seed oil, hemp oil or CBD oil which has been used for hundreds of years by people to remedy all sorts of skin conditions including dry skin, inflammation and eczema. Those that contain CBD oil will obviously make the best CBD based foundation for acne prone skin but most products that are appropriate for your skin that also contain CBD are going to have an anti-acne effect.

CBD Bio SkinCare AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer

This is an anti-aging moisturizer for those fine lines and wrinkles. It contains hydrolyzed collagen but it is also CBD-infused, which means it will have a positive effect on your acne. If acne reduction and anti-aging is what you’re looking for, this may be the product for you!

Cannabis Organic Moisturizing Face Lotion

This is a moisturizer that is made from full-spectrum hemp oil. That means it contains CBD and many of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and other molecules found in hemp. You will get all the benefits of all of those molecules including the anti-acne benefits of CBD. It is a tinted moisturizer which will make it one of the best CBD based medium coverage liquid foundations for acne prone skin.

Kush Queen Sleep CBD Bath Bomb

This isn’t a foundation but if you have body acne, this may be one way to soothe and improve it. It contains CBD and essential oils to relax you and reduce that body acne in a nice, long soak.

Khus + Khus Sen Face Serum

This serum is designed to replenish your skin while keeping it shine free. It uses a high-grade CBD oil with other beneficial ingredients like lavender, black currant seed oil and frankincense. This is a good serum to use if you have acne prone skin as it will benefit from CBD’s acne-fighting properties.

Kana Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

This mask is meant to soak into your skin overnight, so it’s easy peasy for you to use. This will be great for dry skin but because it is rich in CBD fatty acids, it will also have CBD’s famous acne-fighting properties.

Lord Jones CBD Pain & Wellness Body Formula

This is a body cream that has become one of the most popular CBD products available for its pain relief, moisturizing effect and rich texture. Because it is rich in CBD, it will also have an effect on that pesky body acne. However, it is not recommended for oily skin or for use on the thinner skin of your face.

Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter

This body butter contains the naturally antioxidant benefits of CBD oil along with other hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter. It is great for body acne but because it contains coconut oil and is very thick, it is not recommended for your face.

From Ever Since Contour Serum

This company’s research has shown that CBD has a better effect than retinol for its anti-inflammatory properties. These are the very same properties that help acne prone skin. This serum also contains green tea extract and chamomile and promises to make those fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

Vertly Hemp Infused Body Lotion

This body lotion contains full spectrum cannabinoids derived from hemp. It also contains magnesium, arnica flower and other plant extracts to hydrate your skin and calm muscles. Because it also contains CBD, it will have an impact on your acne as well.

Ojo De La Sol Lavender Cannabis Oil Stick

This oil stick is made with organic hemp seed oil, essential oils and cannabis flowers which contain CBD. The oil absorbs very quickly and is not heavy. It acts like a highlighter for skin, having a light enough finish to allow the skin to breath but because of its CBD content will have a beneficial effect on acne. Ojo also have other great CBD based products which are worth trying.

MGC Derma CBD BB Concealer Repair Cream (SPF 20)

This product is a real multitasker. It evens out your skin, provides SPF protection, primes your skin for make-up and contains cannabidiol to soothe your skin and help take care of acne or prevent it from recurring.

It also contains lavender, ginger and orange for a fresh, healthy scent. This is one of the best CBD foundations for acne prone skin you could find.

MGC Derma has a whole line of CBD based skin care products included CBD oil, repair creams, serums, night creams, masks, eye cream, toner for oily skin, and face cream. Because all of them are CBD based you won’t go wrong adding them to your skin care regimen if you have acne prone skin.

Perricone MD CBx for Men

Perricone MD has a line of CBD based products specifically for men’s skin. It contains CBD and so will have a beneficial effect on acne and will help prevent breakouts.

With more products arriving on the market every day that contain beneficial CBD, your acne prone skin will soon be a thing of the past. From full coverage foundations, powder foundations, foundations for oily skin to lip balms, toners and serums, you will can create an entire collection of skin care products that can help clear up your skin and keep it clear, without any of the hard side effects.

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