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What’s the Best CBD Based Face Mask for Acne

What's The Best CBD Based Face Mask for Acne

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Cannabidiol appears to be in everything at the moment, from food to foot creams. One place it is turning up time and time again is in face masks for acne. This is no bad thing. Cannabidiol (CBD) looks like it has a lot going for it. As far as can be told, it seems like it is a safe and possibly effective way of treating many conditions, including acne. Here we will look at one type of the many CBD products on the market; the best CBD facemask for acne.

CBD infused face masks contain CBD oil, which is a type of hemp seed oil that only contains CBD, or a high concentration of it. The reason CBD is being added to face masks is that it has proven anti inflammatory properties. There is also the added benefit that it won’t give the user a ‘high’ as it contains no psychoactive compounds.

Acne is a bacterial infection but the body’s immune response is the reason for the painful swelling. By applying anti-inflammatory drugs, the itching and soreness can be reduced significantly. The benefits of the hemp plant have been explored for thousands of years, but only recently have industrial hemp CBD products been used on acne. Anecdotal evidence points both ways for CBD skin care, with one prominent doctor saying that it actually increases the levels of oil production in the skin, and many others saying it helps regulate it.

CBD and the Skin

So far, the picture is anything but clear. There have been recent discoveries that CBD affects the biological processes in the skin, not just the brain. It could even have anti-aging effects, minimising fine lines and is a known anti-inflammatory. This is why we are seeing body lotions, sleeping masks and other beauty products that include CBD cropping up on the shelves of our local drugs stores.

That CBD affects the skin’s delicate balance is potentially very useful, but there is currently no hard evidence whatsoever that CBD is conclusively useful for acne. However, there is certainly enough evidence to encourage safe experimentation and enough clues that indicate it could help to justify more research.

The Best CBD Face Mask for Acne

Depending on skin type, the best CBD face mask for acne is the one that suits the dry skin or oily skin of the person who wants to use it. The amount of CBD in each product can vary, but it is best to start with a low concentration and see how that affects you. CBD is safe to put on the skin, even in high concentrations, but that doesn’t mean it will be good for the skin.

There are many different skin care products by a few different brands available to choose from, or you could make your own. When choosing a product to try, make sure to do your research first. Look up customer reviews and company reviews. Check the concentration and purity of the oil used, and the list of other ingredients. Organic and responsibly sourced ingredients, as well as biodegradable mask materials, are always preferable.

Making Your Own
If you want to make your own, choose a cannabis strain that is high in CBD, or bypass the cannabis plant entirely and get your cannabis sativa extract from a shop or dispensary. There are verified CBD suppliers (Los Angeles has many) who get their stuff independently tested, so they are a safe bet. Apply just a small, measured amount of CBD to your face mask mix, stir in and apply along with any essential oils that you’d like. Tea tree is a great oil to use for the skin.

Because CBD does affect the endocannabinoid system in the skin, the results can be varied. It is important, therefore, to exercise caution. Make sure what you are doing is legal, make sure your CBD is pure, and if it does not look like it is working, stop using it. CBD shows a huge amount of promise as a treatment for acne, but in the absence of proper science on the matter, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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