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The Best Body Wash for Acne – A Review of CBD for Acne

The Best Body Wash for Acne - CBD for Acne

Acne is an extremely common skin condition. It is also known by its Latin name acne vulgaris. Sixty million Americans have active acne and 20 percent of those sixty million people are adults. Although acne is an extremely common skin condition, many people are embarrassed by their acne. Many people seem to think acne is related to bad hygiene when, in fact, it’s not. Acne often happens to people with oily skin, but those with normal and dry skin are not immune. Acne can appear all over the face and body. However, some places on the body are more common than others:

  • In 90% of cases, acne appears on the face
  • In 60% of cases, acne appears on the back
  • In 15% of cases, acne appears on the chest and shoulders

Acne is the result of skin lesions (pimples or spots). Pimples are damaged skin tissue. Outbreaks occur on the surface of our skin. There are six different types of acne lesions. The six types are:

  1. Whiteheads
  2. Blackheads
  3. Papules
  4. Pustules
  5. Nodules
  6. Cysts

Acne is caused by our sebaceous glands which are glands that are on the surface of the skin. These glands are linked to our hair follicles. The sebaceous glands help with lubrication of the hair follicle by producing an oily substance called sebum. Acne occurs when the sebaceous gland produces too much sebum. This causes the sebum to build up in the gland. This leads to clogged pores from acne causing bacteria. Clogged pores, then, result in pimples forming. The only logical way to treat acne is to unclog our pores.

How to Treat Acne

Treating acne can be a gruelling process, especially when it comes to finding the right treatment for your skin type. Generally speaking, acne clears up after roughly 3 months of treatment but, with more severe acne it may take longer. Severe cases of acne can also lead to acne scars which are even harder to clear up.

There are many methods to treat acne-prone skin. It is time to stop feeling self-conscious in your body and to shop for natural solutions. You can treat acne using herbal or natural remedies (most of which you can find and use in your own home) such as:

  1. Lemon juice mimics salicylic acid (common ingredient in facial cleansers) and has been documented to combat acne
  2. Aloe Vera includes antibacterial properties and is used to reduce swelling and redness
  3. Tea Tree Oil is proven in studies to lessen acne but cannot be used undiluted or too often. Best as a spot treatment.
  4. CBD Oil works as an anti-inflammatory and pain can alleviate the pain.

You can also treat acne through the use of:

  • topical lotions
  • topical retinoids
  • topical antibiotics glycolic acid
  • azelaic acid
  • benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide can be prescribed to you by your physician or dermatologist. These conventional treatments may seem faster, but everyone is different. Certain treatments might work for some, but not for others. Patients with sensitive skin need gentler cleansers. Some patients have bad reactions and experience negative side-effects when using prescribed drugs. If you are taking any of the above, it is important to inform your physician and/or dermatologist if you notice any bad reactions or side effects.

What Is the Best Body Wash for Acne?

The best body wash for acne is subjective. This is because there are so many different forms of acne and so many different skin types. It is ultimately up to you to find the right one for you and your skin type. Of course it may be annoying, especially with so many beauty products and skin care products on the market. Yet, in the long run, it is all about trial and error.

Those who have tried these methods have noted that after applying the lemon juice method for example, to wait a few hours before applying the CBD oil. Dabbing the oil onto the acne prone areas and allowing the skin to absorb it has proven to be effective. Within two weeks, you may begin to see good results. It is all about trial and error to accommodate each individual however.

The reason why CBD oil is works as an acne treatment is because cannabidiol, an active ingredient from the cannabis plant. There are 3 properties of CBD that make it work as an acne treatment. It is:

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-viral
  • anti-inflammatory

Novel studies have recently proven this. One study found that 3 percent cannabis seeds extract were able to reduce skin sebum production. The study’s conclusion states, “it is suggested that 3% cannabis seeds extract cream may [have reduction] results against acne vulgaris, papules, pustules, acne rosocca, acne infantum, and acne tarda”.

If you want to start using CBD oil to treat your acne, please make sure that you consult your family doctor and/or your dermatologist before you do so. It is important that you keep up with your state’s or country’s laws on the cannabis plant. Seeing as the plant is still illegal in the majority of the globe.

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