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Using CBD Oil for Acne – A Breakthrough in Skincare

Breakthrough in science using acne

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It’s not news that medical cannabis can be used to treat skin problems. In fact, people have been using cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, to boost their skin health for years. However, exciting new research has concluded that CBD oil has significant potential to alter the landscape of the skin care industry as we know it.

Although CBD has been studied as a possible treatment for a wide range of skin problems, from eczema to psoriasis, it is in the treatment of acne that CBD holds the most exciting potential. Acne is the most common skin condition in the world. It affects up to 80% of people in the United States at some point or another. While it can occur and persist in adulthood, the vast majority of acne appears during adolescence.

Because acne is so common, there are a considerable number of acne treatments available today. From acne facial scrubs, masks and serums to antibiotics and oral contraceptives, there is no lack of choice when it comes to treating acne today.

Unfortunately, many of the current treatments can have adverse side effects such as excessively dry skin and antibiotic immunity. This, coupled with the varying levels of efficacy, has led to many acne patients searching for an alternative treatment.

This is why CBD has become the fastest growing acne treatment on the market today. Not only is it an all-natural product which causes none of the damaging side effects that other treatments do, it also works on the root cause of the acne itself, which none of the over the counter treatments do.

How Does CBD Work on Acne?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a chemical which is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family and has been grown for centuries as an essential tool for ancient and modern societies.

CBD is a cannabinoid. This is a specific type of chemical that is actually produced naturally in the bodies of most animal species, including humans.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for producing and processing cannabinoids in the body. This system also regulates pain modulation, mood, memory, appetite, and skin health. CBD acts as a natural supplement to this system and helps it to carry out its functions.

What Are the Effects of CBD on the Skin?

CBD can have a number of positive effects on the skin. Depending on what the skin problem you’re trying to treat is, these varying effects can help in different ways. However, for those looking for an effective acne treatment, there are three which can be of real use in reducing the severity of the condition.

First of all, CBD has been proven to regulate the amount of sebum produced in the skin. Sebum is a natural oil which the skin produces in order to keep the skin soft and supple. The core cause of acne is the overproduction of this oil, which leads to clogged pores and acne bacteria. By regulating the production of sebum, CBD can tackle the root cause of acne in a way that other treatments can’t.

Secondly, CBD has been found in many scientific studies to be an excellent antibacterial. This is very useful in the treatment of acne as acne bacteria are so easily spread across the face. A topical CBD treatment can fight off the bacteria effectively and prevent its spread to other areas of the face.

Finally, studies have shown that CBD can have a mood stabilizing effect. This is beneficial to people with acne because there is such a strong link between acne and stress or anxiety. While researchers aren’t exactly sure why they do know that sebum production rises during times of stress and anxiety. So, it is only logical that stabilizing moods in the first place will reduce the regularity of breakouts.

Should You Use CBD on Your Acne?

While the amount of evidence that CBD can be a really effective weapon in the fight against acne, some people remain skeptical. This isn’t entirely unjustified. CBD has been studied extensively in the past few years. However, much remains unknown about it and its effects.

This is mostly because the research which has been conducted has been of a comparatively low standard. Federal laws surrounding cannabis and its constituents are still extremely strict, and this limits the scope of any research significantly.

Thankfully, the number of states who have legalized cannabis is growing rapidly, and a change to the federal law is inevitable. When the restrictions placed on cannabis are loosened, research of a higher quality can be conducted more efficiently, leading to much more conclusive findings as a result.

Until that happens, individuals can simply do their research online and use their best judgment when it comes to using CBD for their acne.

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