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Neutrogena Acne Mask Vs CBD Oil

CBD oil vs neutrogena acne mask

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The number of people visiting doctors for acne related problems is doubling every five years. However, there is no corresponding rise in the number of medical professionals specializing in this ailment. Acne in itself is a demoralizing skin condition which can have serious repercussions if not treated at the right time, and the shortage of experts and alternative medicines and therapies can literally shatter the confidence and the self esteem of patients.

Apart from regular treatments, dermatologists also offer light therapy to their patients. However, there is a catch. This is a long term treatment, and the patient needs to visit the clinic several times. It is a cumbersome and a costly affair. Moreover, getting a quick appointment with your favorite dermatologist is next to impossible. People suffering from acne having been wishing for a similar device which was portable and home-based for years. As if listening to their prayers, Neutrogena came up with their Light Therapy Acne Mask.

The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is a revolutionary acne treatment. It is free of chemicals and UV light, which simply means no negative side effects. Moreover, the mask harnesses the power of clinically proven technology to clear acne and allow skin to heal itself, producing clearer, healthier skin.

How Does the Neutrogena Mask Work?

It is a wearable, reusable, light-emitting diode (LED) device that covers the face and delivers therapeutic blue and red light wavelengths that get rid of acne and also heal the skin by drying it completely. Blue LED light penetrates the skin hair follicles and deep into the pores which harbor bacteria.

Acne bacteria contain porphyrins that generate free radicals when they absorb blue light, resulting in bacterial destruction. On the other hand, red light provides relief from inflammation. Red LED also provides anti-aging benefits. The skin looks young, supple and healthy. It really is a revolutionary development in skin care.

However, the Neutrogena Acne Mask does have its own set of shortcomings. It is not very effective against hormonal acne. In some cases this treatment needs to be paired with conventional therapies to actually show some positive results. On the cost front, one needs to buy the activator after using it for 30 days. Neutrogena suggests at least 3 months of treatment which means two extra activators. And these are pricey.

On the other hand CBD oil or Cannabinoid oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil does not contain any psychoactive element, so will not cause the addictive ‘high’ that so many associate with cannabis and marijuana. CBD oil has a calming effect on the sebaceous glands whether ingested or applied as a topical treatment. It helps the human body produce more cannabinoids and thereby regulate the endocannabinoid system which incidentally manages sebaceous glands. In short, it stops the skin from produces the excess oils which are thought to cause acne. Controlled sebum production simply means no clogged pores which are the root cause for acne.

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Moreover, the anti inflammatory property of CBD oil reduces swelling and redness – two common symptoms associated with severe acne. Nonetheless, CBD oil needs approval from your physician or dermatologist as it is a derivative of a plant synonymous with addiction and abuse, so it’s a good idea to visit them before taking any CBD oil.

So, what is the verdict?

Johnson and Johnsons new Neutrogena Acne Mask and CBD oil address acne issue in their own unique ways. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The face mask harnesses the latest in dermatological technology. The CBD oil is 100% natural and has no negative side effects. You should opt for the one that best suits your skin. Incidentally, scarring in both the options is almost nil which is good news for those suffering from acne scourge.

As mentioned above, light therapy can also be used in tandem with other treatments – exploiting the best of both worlds. Adopting a dual strategy may work wonders in patients who are reeling under severe acne. However, this requires professional advice, and your physician is the best person to guide you on various options, and the one that will be effective in healing your acne.

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