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Laser Treatment vs CBD Treatments – Can CBD Cure Acne

Comparison of CBD and laser treatments for acne

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With the pervasive nature of acne, many new treatments are popping up on the market to combat this commonplace cosmetic problem. Two treatments in particular have begun to stand out. Those with severe acne are reasonably concerned about using quality treatments for their pimples and acne scars. Many people with severe acne have tried treatment after treatment.

While in search of clean skin, many have taken the route of an expensive chemical peel or salicylic acid facial creams. People with severe acne often find themselves overspending on costly treatments for their acne. Not only are these kinds of treatments costly, but they can be often be painful too. Instead of laser therapy, individuals looking to get rid of their acne can enjoy alternative CBD treatments with less painful side effects.

Many people with severe acne, most of whom have had little success in the past with prescription medication and facial creams, are turning to alternative treatments or therapies to improve their skin health. Many people are introduced to CBD oil as a means of controlling acne out of a state of desperation, having tried everything.

The most proven methods of success have traditionally been steroid injections. However, the recent market has been expanding to allow a wider range of procedure options. Due to the mere variety and lower cost options, procedures are now more widely available and accessible to potential patients. Laser acne treatment, utilizing various different types of laser light therapy, works as a surgical method to remove acne while CBD oil remains an all-natural approach to skin-care.

How Does Laser Treatment For Acne Work?
Laser treatment for acne, productive and powerful in the elimination of acne, possesses many different types of lasers. The lasers reflect differently for various light therapies all designed to get rid of the patient’s acne. Laser acne treatment works by pulsed light treatment eliminating acne, bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils from your skin.

The photodynamic therapy (PDT) devices hold different types of lasers omitting either a red or blue light. They then utilize fractional lasers to ‘cut’ out the areas affected by the acne or the skin disorder, and fully clear up the area. Laser Treatment is also effective for removing acne scars. This is the primary form of light therapy. The laser zaps chemicals from your top layers of skin and manages to clear up your skin, usually within a week.

Side Effects of Laser Acne Treatment
Even with the effectiveness of laser therapy, many patients report experiencing pain and other uncomfortable side effects. No matter what part of your skin, laser treatment can be a long and tedious process. With each delicate incision, patients may find the laser uncomfortable or painful. The intense pulsed light, with its brightness, effectively zaps the acne out of your pores.

The red light used in laser acne treatment often can create temporary cosmetic damage to your skin itself, causing many to report that their skin feels like ‘sandpaper’. One of its worst side effects is that your skin could become infected, which could be a costly problem. The procedure creates a sensitivity to the sun and, in some extreme cases pain, particularly for those with sensitive and vulnerable skin.

Despite the effectiveness of laser treatment, it comes with side effects that can be bad for your health. One of the most notable is hyperpigmentation. This is a darkening of the skin and or nails that happens after an increased amount of melanin is added to your skin. It may take multiple trips to the dermatologist in order to fully eliminate your acne. The problem may be recurrent even after multiple surgeries. This could be why CBD acne treatment is a better choice for some.

CBD Acne Treatment
A relatively new invention in terms of medical treatment in acne, CBD, a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, has for the past couple years proved effective in treating acne. Since our skin has the same cannabinoid receptors, impacted by the chemical compound in cannabis, the CBD provides a soothing medicinal effect. As it is not it’s cousin THC, it is also free of psychoactive effects.

With medical cannabis on the rise throughout the last few years, many companies now produce a variety of different CBD oils. CBD oils are more intensely processed, without the intoxicating components that cannabis is known for, its chemical compounds fights the buildup of bacteria and other acne chemicals.

CBD has combined effects for the body as well as skin health. Helping with body aches, it hydrates the skin and soothes the irritated areas (most notably areas affected by itchiness and inflammation). This makes its particularly useful for acne treatment.

It’s been found that CBD inhibits the production of lipids, which produce fats and oils inside of your body – this prevents the secretion of these oils on your skin and, thus, stops a large build up of acne. CBD has helped stop the spread of acne as well as heal acne scars.

This is because CBD oil hydrates the skin as well as infuses its chemicals with your own endocannabinoid system, which is an internal response system found in your body.

Making the Choice
Many sufferers of severe cystic acne find themselves faced with the choice of whether or not to venture down a series of laser treatments, try out CBD oils, or continue to explore the costly pharmaceutical and over-the-counter solutions. Ultimately, the growth of skin care has allowed those who suffer from severe acne to feel assured their future skin-care options will only continue to grow clearer.

While CBD oils lack the list of side effects that light therapy does, it’s often not as accessible to as many as the latter. It often depends on the laws and medical progress of your own state. Hopefully with changing legislation and the public pushing for more options, CBD will become an acne-cleansing option for all, no matter where you live.

Though one choice may not fit all, both offer their own specific benefits for anyone to try, no matter their skin types. Both will boost their skin care health and, as a plus, their self-confidence.

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