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Is Using Cannabis Oil Effective at Getting Rid of Acne

Is Using Cannabis Oil Effective on Getting Rid Of Acne

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What is the best way to get rid of acne? Well, I think that’s a general question, but more importantly, what is the best way to get rid of acne for you? Because everyone is different, and it’s important to note that, while something might work for someone else, it might not work for you.

First of all, to treat acne, you must understand what acne is. Acne is a skin condition and z series of dermatological conditions involving inflamed or infected sebaceous glands where breakouts of pimples form generally on the face, shoulders, neck, chest, arms and/or back. It is the most common skin condition affecting up to 50 million Americans yearly.

Home Remedies and acne treatments
Diet – We all know that a healthy gut is a healthy mind and body. So, if you’re eating all of sugary sweets and fizzy drinks, you’ll probably notice that your skin becomes less clear. Scientist aren’t sure as to how diet and acne play a role, but it has shown that taking vitamins A and E and zinc may have a lower risk of severe acne.

Moisturizers – Moisturizing is a very important part of treating acne because it has the ability to loosen sebum buildup in pores and get rid of pimples.

Tea-tree oil is a fast way of treating acne and acne scars. Pour a few drops the tea tree oil or solution onto a cotton ball or even your fingertips. It acts as a disinfectant and it penetrates the skin to unblock the sebaceous glands.

Fresh Lemon Juice – A very natural remedy. I personally use this all the time, since I’ve been suffering from mild acne the past few months. This works best for me. Lemons are naturally acidic and help break down the bad, dry skin.

What causes Acne?

  • Stress
  • Bacteria
  • Excess oil production
  • Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells
  • Certain medications
  • Friction or pressure on your skin
  • Genetics
  • Age, i.e teenagers (puberty)
  • Anxiety

CBD for Acne – Findings From Studies
Well, first of all what is CBD?
CBD, or cannabinoids, from the cannabis plant, is a chemical compound that has been extremely popular lately in the media and has also gained attention in the beauty and medical industry due to studies and research proving that it has medicinal benefits.

CBD oil for stress and acne: my 21-day experiment By Sara, a health and well being vlogger, talks about the medicinal potential of CBD oil and how it has treated her acne. She stated that

In the skin, they slow down the production of sebum, which leads to less oily skin and less acne.

A study that was carried out by the Nation Center of Biotechnology Information, has shown evidence of CBD containing properties that regulate the oil production in the sebaceous glands, which can then result of the overall control of breakouts. The researchers mentioned,

due to the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.

A study carried out in August 2009 stated that

the main physiological function of the cutaneous ECS is to constitutively control the proper and well-balanced proliferation, differentiation and survival, as well as immune competence and/or tolerance, of skin cells.

So all in all, CBD is looking promising, but promising is the keyword here, as studies and research are only hitting the surface when it comes to CBD. Before this becomes a treatment that you can say “apply 3 times a day for two weeks” more clinical studies and human testing will be needed. However if you wish to use it we always advise consulting with your doctor before hand to ensure you get the best advice possible before hand.

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