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Is CBD Oil Really The Best Acne Scar Treatment Available Today

Is CBD the best acne scar treatment

If you are reading this article, you probably got here from some misinformed part of the internet that was trying to convince you that CBD is the best acne scar treatment around. Thankfully, you had the presence of mind to resist the hype and go looking for something or someone who could assemble the facts and present them in an easily digestible package. Hype is hard to resist, so well done.

This is a hype-free zone. Only what is currently accepted by the scientific consensus makes it to these pages, so you are in the right place for finding the best acne scar treatment. Unfortunately, you will not find it with CBD.

Contrary to what some unscrupulous blog and article writers would have you believe, there is next to zero evidence that scars can be treated with CBD. That might not be what the person on the website said but look at what they are selling. Is it CBD? Of course it makes sense to make your product look as good as possible, how else are people going to buy it? But lying? That is not acceptable.

Why the Hype?

There is a lot of hype surrounding CBD because it is seen as a “natural” treatment; it was recently decriminalized and people can finally study it; and the established and growing cannabis industry is keen to capitalize on the legalization, attention, and medicinal qualities of their favourite herb.

CBD is a natural product when it is grown in a cannabis plant. However, when it is extracted from the plant using CO2 extraction or some other method, it can hardly be said to be natural any more. Aspirin is found naturally in willow bark, but most of it is made synthetically for the modern market. Is this natural or not? The molecules are exactly the same. It is an old debate but try not to buy into the “natural” marketing nonsense. Organic and fair trade are legitimate, “natural” can mean anything.

It is disappointing, in the light of what is properly understood about CBD, that the study of this drug has taken so long to come about. There are potential applications for CBD that include treating acne, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, psychosis, depression, viral infections like herpes, and chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. This is an impressive list of potential benefits, and one that is at odds with the drug’s prohibition.

So many benefits, combined with the high level of tolerability, a good safety record, and non-psychoactivity, make up a lot of the reasons that people are hyping CBD so much. If only they would limit themselves to the evidence.

Looking for the Evidence

Google Scholar and PubMed, and the NCBI are three of the best ways to find evidence for supporting a scientific claim. A quick perusal of those esteemed sources shows that there are no peer-reviewed scientific articles that relate to CBD being an acne scar treatment. There is some exciting progress being made with regards to CBD being used to treat and prevent acne outbreaks, but so far nobody has proven anything to do with CBD as the best acne scar treatment.

What Might Work

So far, the evidence does not look good. It does not look like anything, because it does not exist. Anecdotal evidence of some person on the internet saying “I cured my acne scars with CBD” does not constitute evidence because we have absolutely no idea why they said it. Occasionally, there can be enough anecdotal evidence pointing to a drug or treatment being effective in a way that was not understood before, like CBD for epilepsy, for example. Worried parents tried any number of drugs for their epileptic children, and enough of them had tried CBD and found it to be successful that scientific trials were introduced to study the effect. The studies supported the anecdotal evidence in this case, but most of the time no correlation is found.

Unfortunately, the scientific community has either not seen enough demand for investigation of CBD for acne, or preliminary studies have shown that it has no effect.

However, CBD does have some properties that mean it could be included in an acne scar treatment regime. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. New scars are pink and sore, using an anti-inflammatory like CBD could help to reduce the appearance of such scars and improve the healing process.

One potentially useful quality of CBD is that it can help mood stabilization. Being stressed can increase the likelihood of acne outbreaks, so keeping your stress levels down with CBD could help that way. Also, acne scars can lead to bullying, so CBD could help with the stress caused by this. It is not a very good way of dealing with a problem like that.

Some recent research has pointed to CBD having an effect on the “critical mechanical role of collagen crosslinking enzymes”. Scars are partially made from collagen, and one of the proven treatments for acne scars does in fact promote the growth of new collagen matrices to improve the smoothness of skin, so that CBD can stimulate collagen production could be an indicator it can help with improving the appearance of scars and improve skin tone. This is total guesswork at this point because nobody has actually investigated it in a scientific manner.

There are articles on well-read websites that equate the anti-acne properties of CBD to anti-acne scar properties. This is misleading, what causes acne can be treated in some cases by CBD, the resulting scars do not appear to respond to CBD.

Preventing Acne

The best way to deal with acne scars is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The reader is invited to read about alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and birth control pills.

Real Treatments for Acne Scars

If you have been suitably disabused of the belief that CBD can help with acne scars, you are probably wondering what to do next.

Lactic Acid

This treatment has been used for a long time to treat acne scarring. Studies support the view that chemical peels with lactic acid are effective and relatively low-risk, with a majority of patients reporting a significant improvement in their scars.


A 2 percent hydroquinone cream can help reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark spots significantly. There are higher concentrations available on prescription, so talk to your doctor.

Laser Treatment

There are a variety of laser treatments available for mild to moderate acne scar removal. Spot treatment, dark marks, collagen production stimulation, there are lots of available treatments that can potentially help with acne scars.


For more severe forms of acne scars, like rolling scars, raised scars, and depressed scars, surgery is the only option. This can mean weeks of swelling, pain, and discomfort, but it can be the only successful method for getting rid of acne scars.

Finding the Best Acne Scar Treatment

For anyone looking for the best acne scar treatment, there is some simple advice: talk to your doctor. Being concerned about your appearance is normal, and the skin care treatments available are impressively varied and suitable for all kinds of acne. If you are still going to use CBD, make sure your doctor knows beforehand, and please do not break the law.

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