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Can CBD Get Rid of Cystic Acne? 3 Natural Methods

Cystic Acne: 3 Natural Methods to Treat it Including CBD

"Cystic Acne is a very uncommon and one of the most difficult to treat. "Image Credit: Coprid & Natykach Nataliia on Shutterstock

Cystic acne is possibly the worst type of acne. It’s caused when the skin produces too much oil (known as sebum) which clogs the pores of hair follicles. Acne causing bacteria then assemble in the pores and produce cystic pimple after cystic pimple. These are very painful, visible and often scar when left untreated. While CBD oil cannot get rid of acne completely, it can be a great treatment for cystic acne.

Acne treatments include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and oral medications such as antibiotics, birth control pills and hormonal treatment. These are often accompanied by severe side effects that can make the treatment intolerable or hard to bear. Antibiotics rarely clear the bacteria successfully, and can sometimes make it worse. For other forms of acne, a standard skin care regimen accompanied by some home remedies will do. However, for cystic acne specific acne treatments are needed.

CBD and Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is a difficult problem to solve, and CBD will not solve it entirely. However, it is a very useful drug as it has anti-inflammatory effects, a regulatory effect on the production of sebum (skin oil) and very few side effects. While these effects are little understood and the results are from small studies with little replicability or representation, they still indicate that CBD might be an excellent drug for cystic acne.

It is easy to find testimony from people who swear that CBD cured their acne. If you are desperate to get rid of your cystic acne, it could look like you have stumbled upon the holy grail of acne cures. However, it is also possible to find testimony from people who swear that the world is run by lizards in human suits. No matter how irrationally our leaders may behave, it is very unlikely this is true.

Testimony alone cannot make something more reliable, it has to be tested first. Unfortunately, the testing of CBD on what causes acne has yet to happen in a scientific manner. There is one study which showed that in a lab CBD affected human sebocytes, the sebum producing cells found in oil glands. What happens in a lab is often far from what happens in real life, so the evidence should be taken as only an indicator of a possible mechanism, not as a license for CBD acne treatment.

3 Natural Methods for Using CBD for Cystic Acne


  • As Part of a Cream




    1. Adding CBD oil to topical creams can be an effective spot treatments. They also work well against cystic acne. CBD is non-toxic, impossible to overdose upon, has very few side effects and is highly tolerable. It plays a role in reducing inflammation, which when applied topically to cystic acne, can help reduce itching and soreness


    1. Pure CBD Application

When applying CBD oil directly to the skin, make sure it has been cleaned and dried first. Dab the oil on (do not rub) and leave to dry naturally. This should ensure that as much CBD is absorbed into the skin as possible. Very little is needed, so use a pipette to measure out small quantities first.


    1. Oral CBD

Taking CBD as part of food, or in drinks can make for an effective CBD treatment. The anti-inflammatory response from the CBD will be more generalized, but this could be more effective than topical treatment. It all requires a little experimentation as there are no medically approved guides to CBD treatment. Start with a small dose and increase until the desired effect is felt or the treatment is shown to be ineffective.

Alternatively, CBD can be vaporized.

There are some side effects to CBD, including dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and diarrhoea. These are uncommon and not very severe when they do occur. Long term risks are not well understood, but people have been using cannabis products for thousands of years and there is little evidence at all of lasting negative effects.

CBD is not psychoactive and not addictive, so makes for a relatively risk free way of getting the benefits of cannabis without the high. It certainly seems to be a welcome solution to the problems of cystic acnes sufferers today.

Learn more about how CBD can act as an effective acne treatment here.

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