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Can CBD Get Rid of Baby Acne?

Baby Acne - Does CBD Work?

"Baby Acne should be left untreated. It clears up itself."Image Credit: Alica in Wonderland on Shutterstock

With the increase in information available about CBD’s health benefits, parents are asking how CBD oil can get rid of baby acne. CBD is cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. It is different to THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the euphoric sensation or “high” that is associated with cannabis. Though CBD is often used in medical cannabis, it is only a part of the array of cannabis ingredients that make up the plant. CBD Oil when extracted from hemp, a form of cannabis, is treated as a supplement in the United States so its use is entirely legal.

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CBD has been studied for safety and efficacy in well over 25 research studies. It has been found to be safe and effective, with little to no side effects when used orally or topically. However, there is no doubt that much more research is needed before hard and fast conclusions can be made about using CBD for any specific medical conditions.

We do know that it has a number of significant health benefits because it acts indirectly on the body’s existing endocannabinoid system, which is a part of our immune system and its structures are found in almost every tissue in the body. By stimulating this system, it regulates and encourages the immune system to respond in a variety of beneficial ways – including reducing anxiety, acting as an anti-inflammatory, reducing shaking and seizures, and clearing and preventing acne infections. For this reason, CBD products are beginning to appear as skin care products and acne treatments more and more.

What is Baby Acne?

Baby acne is a common skin condition where acne appears on newborn baby skin. It seems simple but it is a little different than acne in older people. It usually shows up on the cheeks, the nose and forehead and it’s very common and usually temporary. It appears within two to four weeks after birth normally. There is almost nothing you can do to prevent it from happening, you did not do anything wrong and it usually does not scar. It will clear up on its own in three to four months. But you can help it go away faster to make your baby’s skin feel far more comfortable and less inflamed and irritated.

Science isn’t clear about what causes acne in babies, which is a temporary condition making it different from adult or teenage acne. It may be caused during pregnancy when, near the end, the mother’s hormones are passed through the umbilical cord to the baby.

It is the same in some ways to acne in older humans. The pimples that are the major sign of acne are caused when sebum (a natural oil produced in our skin, in sebaceous glands) builds up in pores. Dead skin cells, dried skin, dirt and other debris can stick to the sebum and block the pore. Once the pore is blocked, it can become inflamed and produce a pimple. If the acne infection travels deeper into the skin it becomes known as cystic acne, which can be very painful. Babies rarely, if ever, develop cystic acne but the inflammation can be uncomfortable and irritating for baby.

There are some things that you can try to get rid of baby acne but they do come with their downsides.

    1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a very effective astringent and can be helpful in clearing up acne. To use this treatment, juice one whole lemon and dilute it with an equal amount of water. Use a cotton ball to gently dab the area with the lemon juice and let it dry. Rinse the area with cool water and repeat as needed every two to three days. Lemon juice is citric acid which can change the pH level of skin and makes skin photosensitive. Make sure baby is not exposed to the sun during this treatment.

    1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, an acid that helps to kill acne bacteria. To use coconut oil to treat acne on baby skin, choose a high-quality oil and warm the oil until it just begins to melt. Use your fingers to gently dab coconut oil onto the acne. The coconut oil will also help moisturize your baby’s skin. It is not recommended for oily skin and you should wipe baby’s skin down with warm water to remove any excess after about 20 minutes.

    1. Acne Treatment Products

Most over the counter acne treatment products contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, neither of which is recommended for baby skin. Benzoyl peroxide can be very harsh and drying while salicylic acid is related to aspirin and not recommended for young children at all.

How CBD can Get Rid of Baby Acne

In a number of studies, including one published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2014, researchers found that CBD oil has an antiinflammatory effect on sebaceous glands, helping to regulate them and prevent the overproduction of sebum that results in acne. It also helps to prevent damaged cells from proliferating or spreading and can help to prevent the recurrence of acne breakouts. It also reduces inflammation in the skin, making it more comfortable and does all of this without the side effects of home remedies and other over the counter medications.

CBD Oil also contains high amounts of Vitamin E which is not harmful for baby and can also help moisturize and heal skin.Though baby acne is dissimilar to teenage and adult acne in that it is a temporary condition, CBD is useful as more than a simple preventative. It helps to correct the underlying cause of acne and promotes the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Use of CBD on baby acne will clear it up faster than allowing it to resolve on its own and will not carry the risks or side effects that home remedies involve.

Choose a high-quality CBD oil that has been tested by a third party laboratory for purity and concentration. Use a low concentration CBD oil that contains no THC. Use a cotton swab to gently dab the infected area with CBD oil and allow it to be absorbed into baby’s skin. No need to rub or massage the area, which may be irritating. Once dried, wipe the baby’s skin down with a warm cloth to remove any excess oil and dry gently with a soft cloth.

Remember that baby acne isn’t a sign of anything being really wrong with your little one. It will pass and no harm will be done. Using products off the shelf which contain harsh chemicals could do lasting damage to baby’s skin though. So if you want to treat your baby’s acne and make them as comfortable as possible, CBD is a great safe option.

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