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Does CBD for Acne Work?

Does CBD for Acne Work?

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CBD oil has acne fighting potential. Currently, it is not known how well CBD can affect acne, but there is very promising evidence that indicates CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. More promising for treating acne, it appears to help regulate the sebaceous glands and therefore oil production in the skin.

Current acne treatments are not very effective, especially for the more severe kinds. When it is effective, it can have harsh side effects, making the treatment unbearable for some. The ability to reduce inflammation and oil production that CBD appears to be demonstrating make it a contender for a place in acne treatment regimes.

Cannabidiol is one of around 60 active compounds found in cannabis. It does not produce a “high” but it does help the endocannabinoid system operate. When CBD is ingested, via hemp oil or through cannabis itself, it has a wide range of effects, from stabilizing moods to preventing epileptic fits.

It should be pointed out that CBD for acne has never really been studied properly. There are a few small studies that point to anti-aging effects and a suppression of oil production in the skin, but this was in a lab and is far from conclusive. At the moment, all the scientific world can say is that “CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”. This is good news, undoubtedly, but it is frustratingly inconclusive.

CBD is very likely to be an effective treatment for acne. Common skin conditions are not well understood but the science is catching up. Now that CBD is legal in some states, the scientific literature is growing. The ability to grow skin cells in labs and manipulate them in a more realistic way has meant that modern tests with CBD are going to be more revealing than previous ones.

That is not good enough for people suffering from acne right now, and whose treatments might not be effective. This site cannot recommend illegal activity, so if CBD is illegal, it should not be taken or possessed. Where it is legal, however, it is certainly safe enough for experimentation. CBD for acne could be a relatively inexpensive and effective treatment.

CBD has excited a lot of people because it does not produce psychoactive effects (the high) but does have a broad range of effects. The endocannabinoid system extends from the brain to the skin, and CBD seems to change how it interacts with other cannabinoids. These are all natural neurotransmitters. The disruption of the ECS is thought to be behind several immune conditions affecting skin cells, so the addition of CBD could help to alleviate those conditions.
The real appeal of CBD over many other drugs is the safety record that it comes with. CBD is highly tolerable, impossible to overdose on, non-toxic, and has very few if any side effects in most people, and is easily made.

For someone concerned with their acne and who dislikes the idea of the side effects of the other drugs, CBD could be a potential treatment. It is easily experimented with and can be done so safely under the supervision of a medically certified practitioner. It will not work for everyone, but for those it does positively affect, it might offer a cheap and tolerable drug alternative.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding CBD, so any CBD product a user obtains should be checked for quality and purity before using. The science is improving and the picture will be clearer a few years from now, but for now, CBD could be very helpful.

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