Butt Acne – What is it and Can CBD Help to Treat It?

CBD used to treat acne on your bum

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Butt acne, or acne conglobate, is one of the most embarrassing conditions people find during their adolescence and beyond. It can be ruinous to a person’s self-esteem and body image, crushing sexual confidence and making a person extremely uncomfortable.

Acne conglobata usually starts during adulthood and is characterized by cysts, abscesses, dark spots, draining sinus tracts, red bumps, and nodules across the buttocks, back and thorax. Not only is this painful at the time but it often produces scars and avenues for infection.

Butt acne can get so severe that the person needs to be hospitalized. Finding effective treatments is therefore very important.

Standard Treatments for Butt Acne

Changing Your Diet – What a person eats affects the hormonal balances in their body. One effect of a poor diet is excess sebum (skin oil) production. This oil is a natural way of the body cleaning and regulating itself, but when it is produced in excess, it can cause dead skin cells to block pores and hair follicles and make a place for acne bacteria to take hold. Low-sugar, low-saturated fat and high fiber diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help keep your hormones in check.

Changing Clothes – Your yoga pants might be the cause of your problems. Tight fitting clothes keep moisture close to the skin, providing the perfect conditions for acne bacteria and secondary infections from things like staph bacteria to take hold and start a serious infection. Wearing tight clothes is not recommended.

Antibiotics – If your doctor is recommending antibiotics, it is probably the right course of action. Alternatives are unlikely to be as effective and could result in unnecessary scarring because the butt acne was not adequately treated. There are side effects from antibiotics but a lifetime of scarring and pain is usually a good enough reason to take the risk. In many cases, an oral antibiotic to fight the infection is enough.

Chemical Treatments – Using salicylic acid, lactic acid, or benzoyl peroxide can be effective, but they can dry out the skin and produce some side effects. As butt acne is usually caused or triggered by hormonal changes, stress, medication or genes, using chemicals on the acne can only be one part of treatment.

Why Choose CBD Oil to Treat Butt Acne?

Science is discovering that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory (an ideal acne fighting property), as well as regulating the sebocytes that produce the sebum that is a cause of acne. One paper found that “the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”. Acne conglobata is slightly different to acne vulgaris, but those effects should work for both.

There are ways to treat acne with CBD. To treat butt acne with CBD, there are three main options available.

Ingesting CBD – By eating, drinking or vaping CBD, you get a wide range response. CBD can reduce stress, stabilize moods, works as an anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum production. The effect might not be as effective as it is more or less evenly distributed across the body, but it could be the way for you.

Vaping CBD – CBD can be vaporized easily. There are some small health risks associated with regular vaping, but the benefits from clearing up butt acne can outweigh them.

Applying Topical CBD – By putting CBD directly onto skin surface of the problem area, you can get the maximum effects needed. If it is part of a cream, apply as per the instructions on the bottle.

If you are applying CBD in its pure form, dab on a measured amount and leave to dry naturally.

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